Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Minnesota Disability Payment Be At Risk Due To The Washington Debt Fight?

A large part of Minnesota disability payments are paid for by the Federal government. One of the payments that may be cut or simply not paid is the Minnesota disability benefits or SSI that those who are disabled and unable to work receive. Because the Federal government provides funding that could be one of the may areas that the US Government will need to cut if a budget deal cannot be reached by August 2, 2011. The budget fight is very much like the Minnesota shutdown that occurred in July when the Governor and Legislature could not agree to a budget. So if you receive SSI or SSDI benefits paid by the Minnesota disability program and federal government keep watching the news to see if your benefits will be interrupted.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Will The Debt Fight Cause An Interruption In California Unemployment Benefits?

Today the California EDD is reporting that California unemployment benefits may be delayed, halted or interrupted due to the budget fight and debt ceiling debate going on in Washington. While the EDD is not yet sure whether this will indeed result in delayed benefit payments they reported that a possible delay or halt to EDD benefits may occur. This could happen as early as August 2, 2011 according to the California EDD Twitter feed. While it is good to alert benefit recipients of possible troubles early, it may be a bit premature to warn those on unemployment that their next check may not arrive. Those out of a job have enough to worry about in finding a new job without warnings that have no firm basis from the unemployment agency. I suspect this was to generate outrage geared at Republicans who do not want to increase income taxes to cover the budget defecit. Perhaps those at the California EDD are trying to add pressure to politicians by producing such a warning.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Pawn Shop In Ramsey MN Open

I was driving East on Highway 10 through Ramsey MN when I noticed a new Ramsey pawn shop opened near the XXX store and bowling alley. It's called Twin Cities Pawn and as it turns out it's part of a chain of Twin Cities pawn shops. The building is huge and used to be a truck accessories store so you can likely pawn anything and any item of size as they have plenty of space to store your item. In fact if you are thinking of pawning something large like a jetski you don't have to worry as the facility looks very secure. Like other pawn shops Twin Cities Pawn in Ramsey seems to provide the standard services you'd expect. You can buy and sell gold and silver, find great deals on tools and electronics and get fast cash loans based on your valuables you bring in. This Ramsey pawn shop looks like another in the high end pawn shops much like Pawn America in Anoka and the two shops are sure to be competitors. Smart that they are located next to low income housing I suspect Twin Cities Pawn in Ramsey will do well in their new location.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Check The Status Of Your Unemployment Check

If you've ever been on unemployment benefits you might know what it feels like to wonder where is my unemployment check? Lucky nowdays unlike the old days you can get your unemployment payment via more electronic means like direct deposit or using one of the new unemployment debit cards. But for those who still get an old fashioned unemployment check they might need a way to check the status of their unemployment check. Most states are getting much better at providing a payment status link on their websites but if your state does not just call the customer service phone number to inquire about the status of your unemployment check or payment by other means. But I cannot stress enough that you should try and get your payment sent by direct deposit or unemployment card so you can avoid the possibility that your unemployment check is lost in the mail.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

California Unemployment Rises To 11.8%

This just in, the California EDD has reported on July 22 that the California unemployment rate rose to 11.8% which is crushing news to many California residents with hopes of landing a new job and getting off of the unemployment benefits that the California EDD provides. The good news is the addition of a California EDD Debit Card that is making receiving and spending the unemployment insurance payments much easier for recipients. The new debit card is also saving California a ton of money which may help offset the increase in the unemployment rate which will result in thousands of new California residents applying for benefits. The new debit card started rolling out July 8 and 10,000 new cards are being sent out per day. Back to the unemployment rate however, the US unemploymetn rate is 9.2% and unfortunately California is leading the nation in the amount of jobless Americans with the new staggering 11.8% rate. In June there were 528,919 recipients of benefits down slightly from the previous month and down significantly from this time in 2010. What will the July numbers tell us with the rate increasing by .1 percent? We'll provide an update next month.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Arizona Disability Saves The Day For Many

If you are a resident of Arizona and become disabled you'll be glad to know there is help from the State of Arizona and the Federal government. For those who qualify Arizona disability benefits provide payments in the form of SSI or SSDI benefits for any eligible disabled persons. The disability doesn't need to have happened on the job persons who are disabled for many reasons and also veterans who need benefits can apply online using the Social Security website. To qualify for disability you must be disabled and unable to work. Sometimes disability takes the form of long term but sometimes a person is only temporairly unable to work and must collect benefits. If you need to apply for disability benefits you can do so online using the Social Security website or apply in person at the Tucson or Phoenix Arizona Disability offices run by the Social Security Administration.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Texas Disability Who Qualifies?

Many people in the state of Texas that have or develop a disability pose the question: “Texas disability who qualifies?” The answer to the latter question depends on several different factors. You will have to file for disability to begin the approval process. Your application is then assigned to a specific disability examiner who is trained in identifying disability qualifiers.
Once you submit the forms you are required to provide, your application for Texas disability is reviewed by the examiner who looks at your medical evidence and sources. Your doctors are contacted to find out what disability you have, when the condition began, and how your present condition affects your quality of life and/or limits your activities. Your doctors will also be questioned about any medical testing that has been performed, any examinations you have had, and the results of both your medical examinations and tests. Further, your examiner will discuss the treatment you have received and if treatment is ongoing. Bear in mind that your doctor is not asked for a definitive diagnosis of a disability; your actual disability is determined by a team of examiners who work in conjunction with a professional medical consultant.
To answer the question “Texas disability who qualifies?” more thoroughly, your case examiner will determine the severity of your actual condition, how long you have been dealing with the condition, and how the condition influences your ability or inability to work. Other factors that will affect your eligibility include your level of education, any experience you have, and your age. It takes a number of months before a decision is made and the length of time it takes for an examiner to assess your case varies from one individual to another, depending upon the complexities of your specific case, the responsiveness of your doctors, and the accuracy of all of your documentation.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minnesota Progressive Groups Using Adwords To End The Shutdown

Several of Minnesota's more progressive and liberal groups like unions are taking to the search engines to try and sway Minnesota legislators and voters to end the Minnesota Shutdown which started on July 1. Using an advertising program called Google Adwords, liberal groups have created websites like and and have bid on keywords related to the Minnesota government shutdown. The goal is to get web visitors to hed to their website and see their point of view and likley try and apply pressure on Minnesota legislators to find a compromise and end the shutdown. A google search for Minnesota Government shutdown will show you these ads on the right you'll see the ad as they are the high bidder. This website is all about trying to get taxes raised on high earners in Minnesota. What the website doesn't tell you is that it is run by the SEIU which is a labor union called Minnesota's property services union made up of janitors, security officers, and window cleaners. So what do these people have to do with the Minnesota government and its state of shutdown? Nothing except for their support of a Democrate Governor who is hell bent on raising taxes. So if you are a union member paying dues how do you feel about your money going not to better your status as a property services employee but to pay for advertising supporting your governor?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Free Rent For The Unemployed

Starting in July the Federal Goverment will begin pressuring FHA backed mortgage companies to increase the length of time that mortgage companies give unemployed borrowers to get back on their feed. The unemployment mortgage assistance program being promoted by the Obama administration is going to suspend the payment requirement up to 12 months for those borrowers who are unemployed. During this period the borrower will still owe the full balance of the mortgage and any interest but they will be required to make no payments. For those out of a job this is going to be a welcome relief but for the taxpayer it may leave them scratching their heads. Certainly its a nice thing to do but anytime the government interferes with private business and forces them to do something that causes them to lose money the ones who pay are are those who are making thier mortgage payments on time and many times the taxpayer. Why? Well to get the mortgage company to suspend payments for 12 months it will likley offer these companies some sort of payment or tax relief. That lost revenue has to come from somewhere and it will come from those who are working hard, paying taxes and paying their mortgage on time. The suspension of foreclosures will also artifically inflate the value of homes delaying the bottom everyone is looking for in Real Estate. The opposite arguement is that this program will let those unemployed persons get back on their feet and pay their mortgage but data shows that suspending foreclosure only delays the inevitable and gives borrowers a free ride.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Florida Unemployment Rate Drops Below 11%

Congratulations Florida! Your unemployment rate has dropped below 11% for the first time in many many months. This is timely as unemployment benefits are being cut back in states across the US. While being below 11% is something good the rate as of the summer of 2011 is still over 10% so there are many utilizing Florida unemployment benefits to keep their bills paid, families fed and using the payments as a cushion while they search for new employment. Florida provides several resources to assist like the MyFlorida and website where unemployed citizens can search for job openings at the many Florida businesses that might be looking for good workers. So if you are receiving benefits hang in there, claim your weeks and don't lose hope. In the coming months perhaps the unemployment rate in Florida will decline further.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beat The Heat With Minnesota Waterparks.

Minnesota has had a really odd summer, cold, hot make up your mind. When Minnesota has bee hot it's been in the high 90's and humid. I'd expect this from south Florida but when Minnesota has harsher summers than Florida what do you do? Well one way to beat the heat and have a great time is to visit one of Minnesota's growning number of water parks. Wisconsin Dell's used to be the place to go for waterparks but certain cities in Minnesota are giving the Dells a run for their money. Take the Edina water park or Maple Grove water park both run by their respective cities. These aren't your usual community pool with maybe one water slide. These are super parks and actually dubbed aquatic centers due to the variety of waterpark activities you'll find. Both the Maple Grove and Edina waterparks offer the typical large lap pool for the fitness types. Both also offer waterpark playgrounds for the kids with lots of things that squirt. Both have huge waterslides but the thing that will be setting the Edina water park apart from the rest is the Flowrider surf park coming in 2012. This will make the Edina water park the second in the state of Minnesota to offer the Flowrider. The only current water park with this is the Waterpark Of America near the Mall of America. Other waterpark options are the Venetian in Maple Grove and I think there are more waterparks in cities like Duluth.