Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minnesota Progressive Groups Using Adwords To End The Shutdown

Several of Minnesota's more progressive and liberal groups like unions are taking to the search engines to try and sway Minnesota legislators and voters to end the Minnesota Shutdown which started on July 1. Using an advertising program called Google Adwords, liberal groups have created websites like and and have bid on keywords related to the Minnesota government shutdown. The goal is to get web visitors to hed to their website and see their point of view and likley try and apply pressure on Minnesota legislators to find a compromise and end the shutdown. A google search for Minnesota Government shutdown will show you these ads on the right you'll see the ad as they are the high bidder. This website is all about trying to get taxes raised on high earners in Minnesota. What the website doesn't tell you is that it is run by the SEIU which is a labor union called Minnesota's property services union made up of janitors, security officers, and window cleaners. So what do these people have to do with the Minnesota government and its state of shutdown? Nothing except for their support of a Democrate Governor who is hell bent on raising taxes. So if you are a union member paying dues how do you feel about your money going not to better your status as a property services employee but to pay for advertising supporting your governor?