Sunday, June 05, 2011

Will The State Of Minnesota Shut Down On July 1? All Signs Point To Yes

As the old 8 ball toy goes, when asked will the State Of Minnesota shut down on July 1, all signs point to yes. The Republican dominated legislature and the liberal Democrat Governor Mark Dayton have been unable to agree on a new budget. In fact while the Republicans actually passed a reasonable budget, the Governor vetoed the bills causing Minnesota to slide towards an all but certain Minnesota Government Shutdown. How might this affect the average Minnesotan? Well non-essential services like parks, the DMV and other routing government services would be closed during the shutdown. Essential services like police and fire would remain open but supporting positions may be laid off. With 30 days to go we'll need to watch the daily negotiations between the governor and legislature to see if we will indeed be shutting down the Minnesota State Government on July 1.