Friday, April 01, 2011

Unemployment Drops But Many Still Login

Did you hear the good news? The United States unemployment rate dropped to 8.8% just .1 below previous levels of 8.9% While politicians will tout this as good news many are still using their unemployment login at their local state unemployment website to file weekly claims and apply for unemployment benefits. Even at 8.8% the unemployment rate is much much higher than a nice 6% unemployment rate that would define a great economy. Remember when Obama said unemployment would not rise above 8%? Well now you'll find politicians just like Obama patting themselves on the back for 8.8% my how the world turns. If you are on unemployment benefits and looking for work you still must take it very serious. You'll still need to use your unemployment login to claim your weeks and file any bit of information needed to maintain your benefits. 8.8% means its still hard to find a job so make sure you are doing all the right things to stay eligible.