Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unemployment Credit Card

Sometimes technology really changes the way life goes on. Remember waiting for a paycheck or unemployment check to come in the mail? In 2008 all that changed when many states stopped sending checks and offered residents only two options for ways to receive their unemployment benefits. Today you can either receive unemployment benefits by direct deposit or on an unemployment credit card which is actually a unemployment debit card that you can use to spend your unemployment benefits that are put on the debit card by your state. This is cost effective and very convenient to the recipient of unemployment benefits. In todays green economy another benefit of using electronic payments is that paper is not wasted, trees are not killed to generate the millions of unemployment payments which are now paid via direct deposit or unemployment credit card payments. Of course technology comes with issues of its own. While using an unemployment credit card is convenient for the user and state it comes with its own problem and questions and need for help by the consumer. The unemployment credit card is managed by Chase and called MyAccount the phone number for the unemployment credit card is (866) 352-5878 in case you need assistance.