Monday, March 14, 2011

House Rental On Craigslist

One of the major things that has changed in the past ten years is the classified advertising business. Formerly dominated by your local newspaper then punched by eBay, your local newspaper has been nearly crushed by Craigslist which allows for free classified advertising to anyone. Take for example House Rental on Craigslist where in any state or city you can easily find a house or apartment for rent. Formerly you had to get the local paper, landlords had to pay big bucks to advertise a house or apartment or townhouse for rent. Renters had very little choice and if a landlord was to cheap to post an ad you never saw that unit on the market. Now with Craigslist you can view houses for rent, apartments for rent and search by the number of bedrooms and price and whether you can have a dog or cat. Try that with a newspaper. Yes Craigslist has changed the classified game for the better especially when it comes to house rental.