Friday, March 18, 2011

Raw Hides Are Not Good Dog Toys

Do you give your dog raw hide toys? Did you know that when your dog eats pieces of a raw hide they can become stuck in your dog's intestines? Many dog owners give their dogs a rawhide as one of the many dog toys they give their best friend. Unknown to them while raw hides are cheap and dogs love them they are very bad for your pet. There are chemicals used to make the raw hide ready for sale that are not good for your dog. More seriously if you've ever watched a raw hide toy through its lifecycle it ends up as a slimy piece of wet rawhide. When your dog swallows pieces or the big remaining chunk or the rawhide it sits in your dogs belly which isn't good. Worse, if it starts to pass it can become stuck in your dog and cause a blockage which could make your dog sick, or even kill your pet without expensive painful surgery. So next time you see raw hide dog toys at the store pass and choose something more healthful.