Thursday, June 02, 2011

Kentucky Unemployment Still Way High

I just checked out the Kentucky unemployment rate and just as expected, Kentucky is leading the nation in high unemployment. If you are in over your head with bills then ending up on Kentucky unemployment benefits due to the loss of a job is not something to look forward to. There are many reasons that unemployment is much higher in Kentucky then elsewhere in the US. One of the biggest reasons is that many of the workers in Kentucky work in manufacturing or manual labor type jobs. These are many times the first jobs to be lost as they are shipped overseas or workers kept on are made to work harder and harder. Then add the general job losses experienced in both the blue and white collar positions and Kentucky gets a double whammy of unemployed folks. Lucky the US government has provided many extensions of unemployment benefits which has cushioned things a bit for Kentucky. Here's to hoping we see the unemployment rate drop in the coming months.