Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Close Reg Cover Error Dell 3000 / 3100 printer

I have a Dell 3000cn color laser printer that showed up with a Close Reg Cover error. My first reaction is what the $@^%@ is a reg cover? I looked the printer over and did not see anything out of place. I called Dell and found the issue. My Dell 3000cn Color Laser has a duplexer. If you face the printer on the top right of the duplexer there is a button to release the duplexer and it folds back. The reg cover is a door on the back of the printer that is covered by the duplexer. Sure enough mine had flopped open. When I tried to close the reg cover it would not close as something was blocking it. I could bend the plastic and close it and the message would go out. I looked to see what might be blocking the reg cover but did not see anything. So I firmly grabbed the reg cover, put downward pressure and wiggled it and then wham it closed and I could then close the duplexer and print. No idea how this happened but now I know what a reg cover is.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Michigan UIA Benefit Information

I was looking for some information on Michigan Unemployment Benefits which are managed by the Michigan UIA and found a blog with some helpful information. Often government websites are cumbersome to navigate and provide too much detailed information and not enough simple information of commonly asked questions. This blog about Michigan Unemployment answers several of the most commonly asked questions regarding how to file for unemployment benefits in Michigan and how to navigate the system once you start receiving benefits. There are many details to follow when receiving unemployment benefits, such as working part time or going to school, so it's helpful to have as many resources as possible to keep you in good with the Michigan UIA.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

iTunes Error 4000 Burning CD Solution Found

Itunes Error 4000 When Burning CD's (Two Possible Solutions)
Click Start
Click Settings
Click Add/Remove Programs
Highlight Itunes and click Change
Choose Repair and let Itunes repair which resets the default burner to itunes.


Right Click Paylist
Choose Burn To CD
Look For "Include CD Text" and uncheck the checkbox.
Click OK to burn.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

http www uimn

If you are unemployed in Minnesota you'll find yourself interacting with the http www uimn website that helps you manage and apply for unemployment benefits. At the UIMN.Org website you can apply for unemployment and submit your unemployment updates to the state to keep your benefits coming. In addition to applying for Minnesota benefits the http www uimn website will provide you with all kinds of information regarding eligibility via a great FAQ that is easy to read and understand. The key to navigating the unemployment system is to understand what is expected of you and use tools like the http www uimn website to make the process as easy as possible until you find new employment.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


The UIA website at michigan.gov/uia is where you can manage your Michigan unemployment benefits and obtain help and additional information about Michigan unemployment. The UIA stands for Unemployment Insurance Agency and provides online tools and information as well as a phone center for contacting the UIA. You will use the MARVIN system at michigan.gov/uia to process biweekly certification and keep your unemployment benefits flowing. You can file a Michigan Unemployment claim online at michigan.gov/uia Monday - Saturday until 7:00pm. If you need to file your claim by phone or if you have questions you can contact the Michigan UIA at 1-866-500-0017 but you'll want to call based on the last two digits of your social security number. To file for unemloyment in Michigan you need your social security number, drivers license or state identification number and the names and addresses of your previous employers in the past 18 months.

Florida Unemployment Claim Weeks

From Monday - Friday until 9:00pm you can claim your Florida Unemployment weeks online at the FLUID website https://www2.myflorida.com/flccid/ In addition to processing your weeks you can get an update on unemployment news in Florida and stay on top of other Florida unemployment topics. The Florida Unemployment Weeks website is part of the MyFlorida website put out by the Florida Government. You can claim your weeks in English or Spanish using the Forma de Reclamacion button on the FLUID website. If you have trouble claiming your weeks online or have questions regarding your Florida Unemployment claim you can call them at 1-800-204-2418 Monday - Friday before 8:30pm or Saturdays before 4:00pm. Remember you must process your Florida Unemployment Claim Weeks in a timely manner to ensure the continuation or extension of your Florida unemployment benefits.

The Winterization Process

Winterization or winterizing is basically a process to prepare for the cold winter. A very important factor in winterizing your property is water and that needs to be dealt with properly to avoid serious troubles. Try to run water out from various areas that you have, swimming pools, springs, aquatic systems. If you forgot to do that you are risking your water to freeze that would result in pipes to split. It is really essential to winterize if you live in regions where snow and winter cover the ground for a good period of time.

The Winterization process should be also be considered in cottages, cabins and typical homes to prepare for the cold months. Different techniques are applied depending on the location you live in. Additionally irrigation systems needs to be looked at and blown out for the wintertime. The winterization process for irrigation systems will start with first winter frost. If temperature goes down below 32°F, that is the best and recommended time to prepare irrigation systems for winter.

Normally winterization would start from October 1 to March 31. If you just moved in, easiest thing you could do is ask for more information from your local coordinator.
Irrigation system can handle just few days of freezing cold. There are exceptions of course, where places are always winterized. Like Canada, Toronto, Dundas Square, when they turn the water off in every pipe that provides fountains to six hundred nozzles.

Not just your gardens, houses or irrigation systems are hurting, cold season can be harsh on your vehicles. Freezing weather has an effect on the car, its operation and physical shape. Low temperature ranges can cause big problems on how your vehicles engine works.

Pools, yachts and even your personal diet, everything can benefit from bit of winterization. Freezing weather can do some serious damage to your boat, especially the engine and make it vulnerable to corrosion. There are quite a few tips that will make sure that your boat will work effectively until following spring. With proper winterization you can extend your boats life. Tips like always having the fuel tank full and just leaving little space for compression, if you don’t, there is a high risk for condensation to raise and result in corrosion and clogging.

You can always look for a specialist who could prepare your home for the winter. When you are going to look for a potential plumber, make sure that he is accredited and have skills for the job. Especially if you are going on vacation, it is crucial to follow winterization steps and prepare your house.
Winterization is not just about preparing your homes for the cold season, it can always bad for your health with the low temperature ranges. Winter is not so pleasant, can be hard on your health.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winterizing Your Boat – Steps You Need To Know

There are so many things that you need to be aware off and be able to do them when preparing your house for cold winter time. Your property is one of the most valuable and important thing and needs close attention and looking after, especially through wintertime. It will be the best guided addition if you own a boat and will go through the essential methods to prepare it for winter. You need to pay close attention to your boats hull and of course the inside of the boat. Nevertheless, you should consider preparing its power plant and drive system to make sure it will work after the winter.
To make sure that everything will stay in order during cold months, here are important steps that need your attention.
1. To avoid problems and save time that you spend on repairs in springtime, you need to clean and wax your boat before summer. Try to keep its shiny look by keeping its gel coat.
2. Check for bubbles in its gel coat at the hull. When you see those swellings, you need to do something before it gets worse. There are some issues that only experts will be able to handle, such as strain cracks. So if you notice those cracks, best bet for you is to get someone who has knowledge in this. To remove dust and grime, hull must go through pressure wash.
3. Vacuum the inside of the craft and carry out measures in quality the bright work. Make sure boat is properly ventilated to avoid any problems from damp and dry air. If this is not done correctly it could result in mold being developed. If you have problems with vinyl of the boat it needs to be sprayed with protecting layer or you can try gel for this too. Or you can spray it with mildew inhibitor.
4. When storing your boat, you have to consider where you want to do it; either do this at a boat yard, outdoors or indoors. So you can make right arrangements that time. If you made a decision to keep it outdoors, make sure to get support frame and solid boat cover that they could hold the heavy snow.
When starting on the job, have in mind that all you want is to protect the boat from freezing temperature during winter time. That way if everything done correctly, you will not have any problems to use your boat again when spring comes.
You can always ask some boat keepers opinions, on how they come around this process, their equipment and solutions. By gathering as much information as you can, will help you make informed decisions.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Deed For Lease Program

Did you know if you are facing foreclosure you may have some new alternatives that could keep you in your home? If you are not able to secure a loan modification or get current on your mortgage you may have one more option. The new Deed For Lease program would allow residents facing foreclosure to turn in the deed to their home in exchange for the opportunity to lease their home from Fannie Mae. This rent back program in exchange for the deed is a win win because the homeowner can stay in the home and the bank doesn't need to spend the time and legal fees to foreclose on the home. So if you are looking for ways to stay in your home Deed For Lease may be the best option for you.

My Visit To Concord California

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working in the city of Concord California. This is a nice suburban city in Contra Costa County that offers great schools, shopping and a nice array of large technology companies. Concord California has a great selection of restaurants, a nice movie theater and the Sun Valley Mall. Concord is also the home of Waterworld a huge water park that attracts visitors from all around California. If you want to find a place that will remind you of home yet offer great attractions check out Concord California in Contra Costa County.

6500 Tax Credit

A new gift from the goverment was recently unveiled, an extension of the 8000 first home buyer tax credit and the addition of a 6500 home buyer tax credit for those who are upgrading to a better home from the one they've lived in for the past five years. The 6500 tax credit is a further effort to stimulate the sick housing market in the United States and offer incentives to those to already own a home. This should provide some much needed stimulus to the move up home market where homes above $250,000 are still not selling well unlike the starter home market. Congress is hoping the 6500 home buyer tax credit can move some of that unsold inventory of bank owned homes that may help prop up the real estate market that could certainly use some help.