Thursday, May 31, 2007

Andrew Speaker

CNN has revealed the name and some additional information about the TB carrier who caused quite a fuss when he travelled by plane from Europe to Canada against the multiple warnings of Doctors and health officials. Andrew Speaker is a 31 year old Lawyer who was on his honeymoon and wouldn't let anything, not even TB or the health of others stand in his way of his honeymoon. While it may be that he hasn't infected anyone each person on the planes must be located and tested for TB now. I can't imagine how much money this gentlemen has cost the world in time and funds. I hope the honeymoon was worth it. For those living under a rock, Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with tuberculosis and then re-diagnosed with XDR tuberculosis which is resistant to typical drugs used to treat TB. Andrew Speaker is now receiving treatment in Denver Colorado in hopes that he can return to a normal life.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dime Bag Darrell Wow

I'll edit this later but felt it was a must post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

10 Reasons I Love My Simplicity Mower

I recently bought a Simplicity Regent Mower and after 5-6 mowings i've come up with a pretty good list of ten reasons i'm glad I bought it.

1: Excellent Cut Even When I'm In A Hurry - I love to take my time, alternating my path so I get that great baseball stripe look. However today it was just about to rain, the grass had grown long in just 4 days and it was supposed to rain the next 3 days. I fired up the Simplity Regent, drove a circular pattern at full throttle just to get it chopped down and the lawn still looks great!

2: 14" Turning Radius. - Despite the fact i'm driving a tractor, my Simplicity Regent lets me get so close to trees and my fence that I only trim every other mowing.

3: Reverse Override. - As a safety measure, the Simplicity mowers will kill the engine if you try and backup with the blades engaged. Simplicity recognized that sometimes (Often) it's necessary to mow in reverse. So on my Simplicity Regent I have a switch I can flip to override the safety feature and mow in reverse.

4: Smooth Hydrostatic Transmission. - Because the hydrostatic transmission on the Simplicity Mowers is so smooth, I can mow very detailed areas because I can go as fast or as slow as necessary to perform the right cut. I can also fine tune by easily going backwards and forwards with the forward and reverse pedal.

5: Floating Mower Deck. - The floating deck on my Simplicity Tractor does an excellent job avoiding scalping where my old deck on my rear engine rider would leave uneven cuts and sometimes scalp down to the dirt.

6: Quiet Engine. - I have the 20HP Briggs & Stratton engine on my Simplicity Regent. It's a smooth running V-Twin and my wife even remarked how much quieter it was than my old mower.

7: Hardly need the choke. - When I start my Simplicity I have the choke set but immediately am able to turn the lever to full off. The mower runs fine and isn't a bit cold blooded.

8: Comfortable Seat. - The seat on my Simplicity Regent is well suspended and keeps me high off the lawn so I stay clean even if the wind is blowing the clippings.

9: Detailed Cut. - I was leerly of using a side discharge and contemplated buying the bagger or mulch kit. The Simplicity mower deck cuts so well that even using a side discharge I get a better cut than my old mulcher.

10: Fast Mowing. - Even when I a hurry I get a good cut (as mentioned before.) But the mower seems to be able to mow much faster than my old rear engine rider, i'm using a small 38 inch deck and still get the yard done in no time so I can squeeze a mowing in between appointements or before driving into work.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kashwak Town From Cell

I just finshed reading Cell by Stephen King and had an idea to create a site based on the book. The book follows a rag tag bunch of survivors on their way to Kashwak after the "pulse" which renders much of the population dead or insane. On the street is painted Kashwak=No-Fo as a way to guide normal people to Kashwak a town supposedly off the cellular grid. Little do the phone crazies know cell service is alive and well in Kashwak much to their demise.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ginger Alexander The Real Deal

Ginger Alexander first came to television America via the A&E Show Flip This House. In early shows she was Richard Davis's protege who actually started as and intern for Trademark Properties. Early on she was cleaning Richard's car, today she's finding investments for Trademark Properties as their investment coordinator. She now appears on the TLC show The Real Deal and plays a major part in the operations of Trademark Properties. Ginger Alexander is now one of the most liked and respected characters on the real estate flipping shows running today.