Saturday, October 30, 2010

Payday One Phone Number

If you need to contact Payday One by phone you can use the phone number (866) 580-1226 to ask any questions regarding online payday loans, privacy or details about the payday loan services that Payday One provides. Located In Texas you might want to reach out to payday one at that phone number to ensure you have all the required information before considering obtaining an online payday loan. Payday One can take your loan application 24hrs per day and 7 days per week even on a weekend. Sometimes it seems so easy to take out a loan like this but do ask questions and do contact Payday One to be sure their services are right for your needs.

Payday One Address

If you need to contact Payday One at their address or send a payment you will need to know the various addresses and when to send information to which Payday One address.

If you have questions about privacy the Payday One address is:
PayDay One
Attn: Privacy Officer
P.O. Box 101842
Ft. Worth, TX 76185
(866) 580-1226

For general questions the Payday One address you should use is similar but slightly different.

PayDay One
Attn: Customer Support
PO Box 101842
Fort Worth, TX 76185

If you are in the following states Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, the address you want to send communication to is listed below. Remember that any payday loan should be carefully considered but if you have questions you should send a letter to any Payday One adddress listed here.

PayDay One
Attn: Customer Support
2207 Concord Pike #604
Wilmington, DE 19803

Weekend Payday Loans

Did you ever wonder what days you can receive a payday loan? It's not like you can just decide to get a payday loan on a Saturday and Sunday and get the money the same day. However it's not the fault of the payday loan lender. Most will offer a Saturday Payday Loan or Sunday Payday Loan application and will start processing but cannot fund until Monday and sometimes Tuesday. This is even the case if you apply for an online payday loan on a Friday. It likley will not fund the same day and more likley you'll receive your cash deposited in your checking account on Monday and more likley Tuesday. Ironically many people obtain a payday loan for fast cash because they failed to plan for an emergency. The inability to fund your payday loan on a later Friday, Saturday or Sunday might make whatever situation you are in worse. So if you need to obtain a payday loan on a weekend go ahead and apply but know that you liley will not receive any money until Tuesday at the earliest. If you know and can deal with that the whole weekend issue will really be no big deal at all.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are Good Christmas Toys For A 7 Year Old?

For a seven year old here are a few ideas. I found them in my research into the top 20 Christmas toys of 2010. First my top seller is the Toysmith Multi Voice Changer. Just $10 and excellent for a boy or girl. Speak in one end and out comes a completely unique voice of your choosing. Another big hit is any of the "Stomp Rockets" These come in many types from ones that glow to rockets for indoors and even extra large and powerful rockets for outdoor use. Stomp on the launcher and watch the rocket shoot as high as you can stomp. My hottest seller is the SingAMaJigs by Fisher Price. I think these are the ones that will be sold out this year but not sure if your 7 year old is into them or not. As mentioned on another answer, electronic learning toys are also popular from makers like V-Tech. Along the lines of the Multi Voice Changer, the UCreate Music is popular with both boys and girls. It comes with it's own sound effects and songs you can create mixes with. You can also bring in your own favorite music from yoru ipod or MP3 player and then make your own mixes. It's powerful but VERY easy to use.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Checking Out The Metropolitan 15 Movie Theater

Next week i'll be checking out the very modern St Michael Movie Theater called the Metropolitan 15. With all the horror movies just released it's a great opportunity to check out the SXHD movie theater. The tickets are pricy at $14 but it will be interesting to see if the SXHD experience is worth the premium ticket. One cool thing about this St Michael movie theater is that it offers food and a full bar. You don't even have to go out for dinner before the film, it's all on site. I'll be sure to publish a full review of the Metropolitan 15 after my first experience.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Brett Favre And Randy Moss Together!

Today the Minnesota Vikings made them self "The Dream Team" by working a trade with the New England Patriots to bring Randy Moss back to the Minnesota Vikings. Catching the football from Quarterback Brett Favre the combination of the best Quarterback and best Wide Receiver in football will make the Minnesota Vikings unstoppable. I would think that the Randy Moss football jersey will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts parents give their children this year. So far i'm not seeing the Randy Moss Jersey for sale at Amazon but I would think that within the week folks will be at least pre-ordering the new Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss Jersey. This 2010 / 2011 NFL season should be one to remember. Randy Moss will begin his season with the Vikings on Monday 10/10/2010 on Monday Night Football. I can't wait!