Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Payday Loans

Did you ever wonder what days you can receive a payday loan? It's not like you can just decide to get a payday loan on a Saturday and Sunday and get the money the same day. However it's not the fault of the payday loan lender. Most will offer a Saturday Payday Loan or Sunday Payday Loan application and will start processing but cannot fund until Monday and sometimes Tuesday. This is even the case if you apply for an online payday loan on a Friday. It likley will not fund the same day and more likley you'll receive your cash deposited in your checking account on Monday and more likley Tuesday. Ironically many people obtain a payday loan for fast cash because they failed to plan for an emergency. The inability to fund your payday loan on a later Friday, Saturday or Sunday might make whatever situation you are in worse. So if you need to obtain a payday loan on a weekend go ahead and apply but know that you liley will not receive any money until Tuesday at the earliest. If you know and can deal with that the whole weekend issue will really be no big deal at all.