Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Brett Favre And Randy Moss Together!

Today the Minnesota Vikings made them self "The Dream Team" by working a trade with the New England Patriots to bring Randy Moss back to the Minnesota Vikings. Catching the football from Quarterback Brett Favre the combination of the best Quarterback and best Wide Receiver in football will make the Minnesota Vikings unstoppable. I would think that the Randy Moss football jersey will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts parents give their children this year. So far i'm not seeing the Randy Moss Jersey for sale at Amazon but I would think that within the week folks will be at least pre-ordering the new Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss Jersey. This 2010 / 2011 NFL season should be one to remember. Randy Moss will begin his season with the Vikings on Monday 10/10/2010 on Monday Night Football. I can't wait!