Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are Good Christmas Toys For A 7 Year Old?

For a seven year old here are a few ideas. I found them in my research into the top 20 Christmas toys of 2010. First my top seller is the Toysmith Multi Voice Changer. Just $10 and excellent for a boy or girl. Speak in one end and out comes a completely unique voice of your choosing. Another big hit is any of the "Stomp Rockets" These come in many types from ones that glow to rockets for indoors and even extra large and powerful rockets for outdoor use. Stomp on the launcher and watch the rocket shoot as high as you can stomp. My hottest seller is the SingAMaJigs by Fisher Price. I think these are the ones that will be sold out this year but not sure if your 7 year old is into them or not. As mentioned on another answer, electronic learning toys are also popular from makers like V-Tech. Along the lines of the Multi Voice Changer, the UCreate Music is popular with both boys and girls. It comes with it's own sound effects and songs you can create mixes with. You can also bring in your own favorite music from yoru ipod or MP3 player and then make your own mixes. It's powerful but VERY easy to use.