Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mississippi Unemployment Website

The Mississippi Unemployment website, also referred to as the MDES MS, is a website that can be used by the job seeker to find employment opportunities in the state of Mississippi. Job seekers can learn more about the Job Search databank and how to ACCESS MS to find work. The site provides information about Job Central, state jobs, federal jobs, college employment, and upcoming job fairs too. In addition, in order to ready the prospective employee, job hunting tips are also supplied on the Mississippi Unemployment website; web visitors can access job interview tips, advice on how to dress for an upcoming interview, and they can find out about free job interview prep workshops.
The Mississippi Unemployment website is also an excellent resource for employers. Free information is supplied to employers pertaining to business registration and employers can register online. Details pertaining to liability requirements, tax appeals, benefit appeals, online tax filing, quarterly wage reporting, tax due dates, unemployment tax rates, penalties/interest, magnetic media specifications, occupational wages, occupational projections, on the job training, employee training, and layoff preparation is supplied by the Mississippi Unemployment website. Employers can post new job openings online, post job listings via the telephone, and can learn about job fair participation too. The site makes downloadable forms available, and supplies free details about special services including, but not limited to, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program, the Federal Bonding Program, the Alien Certification Program, and Alien Worker Housing Inspections as well.
For those that have recently become unemployed, the Mississippi Unemployment website offers free information about online services, benefit eligibility, child support intercept, overpayments, weekly filing, and benefit amounts. Individuals can get questions addressed regarding regular unemployment insurance claims, interstate unemployment insurance claims, federal military claims, federal civilian claims, and combined wage claims. Further, details on alternative federal programs related to extended benefits, trade readjustment assistance, Emergency Unemployment Compensation, and Disaster Unemployment Assistance can be accessed.