Monday, July 31, 2006

Quest Club Fire

The Quest Club cannot seem to catch a break. Just upon the grand reopening of the Quest Club in Minneapolis a fire breaks out in the Wyman building. The fire at the Quest Club started at the roof level thus delaying the reopening of the Minneapolis club. The Quest Club was closed due to non-payment of money owed to Minneapolis for security cameras.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Westway Ford

Westway Ford in Irving Texas is your gateway to car buying happiness. The employees of Westway Ford are dedicated to providing honest and courteous service to every single customer they serve and a no-pressure, no-hassle sales environment is the norm. Westway Ford also boasts a large inventory of Ford vehicles for all needs and budgets. You can contact Westway Ford toll free by calling 866-732-0419. Westway Ford is located at 801 W Airport Freeway Irving Texas. You'll find Westway Ford open until 9:00pm Monday - Saturday

Friday, July 28, 2006

Adwords gone to far?

Can I really buy a Katyusha Rocket on eBay? Is Adwords going to far? Funny though.

Bradley Ford Lake Havasu City

Bradley Ford of Lake Havasu City in Arizona is one of the best Ford dealerships in Arizona. Bradley Ford offers a selection of vehicles that simply cannot be beat, from its stock of used vehicle to Bradley Ford's lineup of the latest Ford models. The Bradley Ford staff are sure to make your vehicle shopping excursion a pleasant one. Bradley Ford is located at 1690 Industrial Blvd in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. The phone number for Bradley Ford is (928) 855-1191.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Marley Gross Ford

If you are shopping for a vehicle in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, then look no further than Marley Gross Ford Inc. Marley Gross Ford Inc. offers all the benefits of a modern car dealership, including Marley Gross Ford Inc.'s beautiful showroom, the friendly sales staff at Marley Gross Ford Inc., and a huge selection of cars, trucks, and vans. At Marley Gross Ford Inc., you will find many used vehicles of various makes and models, as well as the latest from the Ford lineup. Marley Gross Ford Inc. offers very competitive financing and lease options. Marley Gross Ford Inc. is located at 96 North Main St in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. The phone number for Marley Gross Ford Inc. is (717) 225-4765.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy Week For Ford Dealers

While on vacation I managed to do some amazing work on several Ford Dealer websites. The large amount of content was driven in part by using writers at elance to not only write the content but to use a template of my design. I completed the Arizona Ford Dealer and Colorado Ford Dealer sites last night, and now have the Texas Ford Dealers site up over 150 pages. Ohio Ford I did on my own and slowly but surely it's catching up. Next comes Maryland and Nevada.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Katy Mills Mall

Do you like HUGE malls? Katy Mills Mall in Katy Texas is one of the larger malls i've been to. Like many other mall properties from the Mills, Katy Mills Mall offers a ton of very large outlet stores. Shopping at Katy Mills Mall involves excercise as the mall covers alot of area. You'll want to talk end to end at Katy Mills Mall to ensure you see all the stores and get all the best deals.

Texas Ford Dealers

I started a new project, the largest of its kind profiling over 200 Ford Dealers In Texas. I hired a great writer at elance to not only write the content but to put it in an html template so I can drop it in to my Texas Ford Dealers we site and post within minutes. He's delivering the articles in batches of 25 and i've already created a 75 page website about the Ford Dealers in Texas. I'm curious to see if Google, Yahoo, and MSN will actually index all 200 Ford Dealerships.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Website / Forum for Lafayette Woods Elk River Minnesota

I live in a development in Elk River Minnesota called Lafayette Woods. For years the Lafayette Woods website was hosted on Geocities and was fairly crude, sent popups to your desktop and sometimes wan't even available. While on vacation I decided to create a proper website and community where residents of Elk River and Lafayette Woods could discuss things related to the neighborhood and community.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Partnering with Azoogle Ads

I have many websites like mall websites that when using Google Adsense the ads seem to make no sense to me yet people click. The ads are for surveys, ringtones and other things i've not thought to offer. I found Azoogle Ads who is a CPA affiliate program. Here you can get links to Ringtone and Survey companies who will pay you when a customer clicks through and performs an action. Sometimes the action is a survey, sometimes downloading a ringtone etc. I'm hoping to pair Azoogle Ads to enhance the revenue on these sites. Think of it. On a site say about shopping malls you might make $3.00 per day on a good day using contextual ads. If two people out of 200 completed a survey you'd have your $3.00. CPA advertizing like Azoogle Ads seems to make more sense for me than CJ or LinkShare. I found offers on Azoogle and other CPA networks that were the same as Comission Junction but paid sometimes two dollars more per lead. This is going to make me take a hard look at my relationships with CJ and Linkshare.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rogers Minnesota

The City Of Rogers Minnesota used to be known as a truckstop town. Located just off Highway 94 and County Road 101 Rogers has turned in to a town with alot of development going on. Recent additions to Rogers Minnesota include a huge Cabelas, Kohls, Super Target, Hummer Dealership and in 2007 a new Best Buy will open in Rogers Minnesota.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Seattle Chevrolet Dealers

Did you know the City Of Seattle has four Chevrolet dealers right in the city limits? This selection of Chevrolet Dealers gives Seattle residents a great opportunity to find a great variety of Chevrolet cars and cause the four Seattle Chevrolet Dealers to compete for price and service. The Seattle Chevrolet Dealers are Bill Pierre Chevrolet , Burien Chevrolet , Chuck Olson Chevrolet and Huling Brothers Chevrolet.

Friday, July 14, 2006

New Pictures Massachusetts Malls

I finally got around to adding pictures of Massachusetts Malls to the site. I even added a page on Rainforest Cafe in the Burlington Mall. The Massachusetts Malls site looks so much better, I think i'll revisit many of my shopping mall web sites and refresh them with pictures.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lost Memory Foam Website

Ironically I think I lost and now found a website I created about Memory Foam. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is a very dense foam developed by NASA. Memory Foam is now widely used in high end mattresses and mattress toppers. A well known maker of a high end memory foam mattress is Tempurpedic for years they have been the gold standard in memory foam beds and pillows.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Biaggi's Wine Dinners

In Maple Grove Minnesota they have an outstanding Italian restaurant called Biaggi's. I've had many an excellent dinner at Biaggi's in Maple Grove and in addition to the fine food comes an excellent wine list that will leave you there most of the night trying various wines. Adding to this is their recent Wine dinners where wines from a part of the world are brought in and paired with a five course meal prepared by the most excellent Biaggi's chef Troy Tomlinson. I attended the first Biaggi's wine dinner and was greeted by Jamie the ever pleasant host (possibly manager?) of the Maple Grove Biaggi's. I took my parents to Biaggi's for this wine dinner as a fathers day present. We had an excellent time feasting on Scallops, Lamb Chops, Cheeses and a fine pear tart for desert. The wines were all spectacular and those you would not find at a typical liquor store. The price was about $75 per guest and was a good value considering the fine food, and excellent wine served as well as the fine presentation from Biaggi's cheff Troy Tomlinson. Going forward Biaggi's of Maple Grove expects to host more wine dinners and take us around Italy tasting fine wine and food.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Post holiday squeeze

After the holidays people can find themselves in that squeeze between paychecks. Some have emergency bills where they could use a cash advance to get them through to the next payday. This is where places like PayDayOk can help. They provide a simple cash advance until your next payday. Paydayok has the lowest rates at just $10 per $100 borrowed and you can get a cash advance up to $500. While some view a payday loan negatively at the low rates paydayok charges it provides a fair way to get a cah advance that will carry you through an emergency until your next paycheck.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Minnesota Mortgage Loan

My brother in law owns a mortgage company in Minnesota and business has certainly slowed as interest rates rise. He generates his mortgage leads by word of mouth and hasn't made the jump to maintain an online presense. I was talking to him about using Google Adwords to generate additional business and figured i'd try to create something that would give him a head start. I hit the Overture keyword took and looked up the words Minnesota and Mortgage and Minnesota Mortgage Loan was born. Just a place that describes common types of mortgage loans that are available on the market. In time perhaps it will become a landing page for my brother in law's adwords campaign.