Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wisconsin SNAP Program

Are you residing in the state of Wisconsin? Are you having financial trouble and difficulty managing your food bill? You might be able to get some assistance through the Wisconsin SNAP Program, otherwise called the Wisconsin Foodshare program. The Wisconsin SNAP Program will allow you to receive electronic funds on a monthly basis that can be used in markets and stores for purchasing food items. If you want to know more information about the Wisconsin SNAP Program, you can contact the managing agency by calling (800) 362-3002.

Applications for the program are offered in Spanish and English; you can get them at your local tribal office, or you can visit the Foodshare website to find out more about the application process. The Foodshare website is accessible at the following URL:

You have the option of applying online as well; if you visit ACCESS.WI.GOV, you can begin the process of applying electronically for the Wisconsin SNAP Program. When you visit the site, you will have to establish a new user account. You have to use an Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher browser if you are going to file for food stamps electronically. All other browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox do not work with the system.

There are three buttons you can choose from; choose the Apply button in the middle of the screen. You are then redirected to an overview page. Choose the first option on the page to begin a new application. You then have to choose the “next” arrow on the bottom right hand portion of the screen to continue. You are once again redirected: this time you are presented with details on how to set up an account online. You will have to input the necessary information, create a user name and password, and review the user agreement before you can apply online to participate in the Wisconsin SNAP Program.