Monday, September 05, 2011

What Is Malicious Compliance?

In order for malicious compliance to occur, several other factors have to be present. The manager or superior must give out problematic orders without fully knowing the scope of what those orders might cause. In short, they make a mistake in giving an incorrect order and the worker realizes the mistake. Instead of letting the superior know of the mistake, the worker knowing inflicts malicious compliance on the company. The subordinate must also follow the orders so closely that he or she does not ever deviate from the given orders. This, in a way, keeps the worker within the rigid guidelines of the rules, but businesses don’t take kindly to this kind of behavior.
Though more businesses have put in programs to watch for various types of sabotage like malicious compliance, it is still difficult to discern when a person is actually looking to inflict malicious compliance and needs to instead be given an unemployment debit card. It is almost impossible to get inside of someone’s head and figure out exactly what they were thinking at the time of fulfilling the orders, so inflicting punishment for this sabotage is all but impossible. The key for businesses is to keep a good working accord so that workers don’t ever think about something like malicious compliance.