Monday, September 05, 2011

Will Indiana Receive Another Unemployment Extension?

As we near the end of the endless extension of unemployment benefits those on Indiana unemployment benefits have to be wondering if Indiana will be among states who receve more unemployment benefit extensions? With the economy verging on another recession many are proposing more unemployment benefit extensions as a way to stimulate the economy. While there is some merit to this idea, many in congress and many Americans are in belt tightening mode and will be reluctant to grant another extension and add more to our dececit. Yet in states like Indiana where unemployment hovers around 8.5% the neeed for more unemployment benefits is great and those who do receive another round of benefits will not only be kept afloat, perhaps kept in their homes but will directly stimulate the economy because generally those on benefits are not saving money but spending it immediately in the economy. I find it odd that we would turn to the most unfortunate for helping stimulate our economy but I do see the science behind it. So the question as we head to the end of the year is will American have the stomach to spend on more unemployment extensions for states like Indiana?