Saturday, July 30, 2011

Will The Debt Fight Cause An Interruption In California Unemployment Benefits?

Today the California EDD is reporting that California unemployment benefits may be delayed, halted or interrupted due to the budget fight and debt ceiling debate going on in Washington. While the EDD is not yet sure whether this will indeed result in delayed benefit payments they reported that a possible delay or halt to EDD benefits may occur. This could happen as early as August 2, 2011 according to the California EDD Twitter feed. While it is good to alert benefit recipients of possible troubles early, it may be a bit premature to warn those on unemployment that their next check may not arrive. Those out of a job have enough to worry about in finding a new job without warnings that have no firm basis from the unemployment agency. I suspect this was to generate outrage geared at Republicans who do not want to increase income taxes to cover the budget defecit. Perhaps those at the California EDD are trying to add pressure to politicians by producing such a warning.