Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Pawn Shop In Ramsey MN Open

I was driving East on Highway 10 through Ramsey MN when I noticed a new Ramsey pawn shop opened near the XXX store and bowling alley. It's called Twin Cities Pawn and as it turns out it's part of a chain of Twin Cities pawn shops. The building is huge and used to be a truck accessories store so you can likely pawn anything and any item of size as they have plenty of space to store your item. In fact if you are thinking of pawning something large like a jetski you don't have to worry as the facility looks very secure. Like other pawn shops Twin Cities Pawn in Ramsey seems to provide the standard services you'd expect. You can buy and sell gold and silver, find great deals on tools and electronics and get fast cash loans based on your valuables you bring in. This Ramsey pawn shop looks like another in the high end pawn shops much like Pawn America in Anoka and the two shops are sure to be competitors. Smart that they are located next to low income housing I suspect Twin Cities Pawn in Ramsey will do well in their new location.