Sunday, July 17, 2011

Texas Disability Who Qualifies?

Many people in the state of Texas that have or develop a disability pose the question: “Texas disability who qualifies?” The answer to the latter question depends on several different factors. You will have to file for disability to begin the approval process. Your application is then assigned to a specific disability examiner who is trained in identifying disability qualifiers.
Once you submit the forms you are required to provide, your application for Texas disability is reviewed by the examiner who looks at your medical evidence and sources. Your doctors are contacted to find out what disability you have, when the condition began, and how your present condition affects your quality of life and/or limits your activities. Your doctors will also be questioned about any medical testing that has been performed, any examinations you have had, and the results of both your medical examinations and tests. Further, your examiner will discuss the treatment you have received and if treatment is ongoing. Bear in mind that your doctor is not asked for a definitive diagnosis of a disability; your actual disability is determined by a team of examiners who work in conjunction with a professional medical consultant.
To answer the question “Texas disability who qualifies?” more thoroughly, your case examiner will determine the severity of your actual condition, how long you have been dealing with the condition, and how the condition influences your ability or inability to work. Other factors that will affect your eligibility include your level of education, any experience you have, and your age. It takes a number of months before a decision is made and the length of time it takes for an examiner to assess your case varies from one individual to another, depending upon the complexities of your specific case, the responsiveness of your doctors, and the accuracy of all of your documentation.