Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Is The California EDD Card More Convenient Than Checks?

The State of California just started sending out the new EDD Debit Card to replace unemployment checks. Of course you can still elect for direct deposit but if you fail to do so your California unemployment benefits will be paid on the new California unemployment debit card. Aside from saving the state a ton of money is the debit card more convenient? Perhaps not, here is a great point from one California EDD customer who does not think so. The point they raise is certainly a valid one.

No, this is not more convenient when you need it to pay your rent! First of all, the debit card isn’t here yet, whereas the check normally would have arrived by now! Rent is due tomorrow, and if I do get the card today or tomorrow…how the helldo I transfer.it into my checking account? Then, I actually have to.walk into the bank and get a teller’s help , pay that fee and have someone see what little I have in my acct from being unemployed?!