Monday, August 22, 2011

Ask EDD Provides Another Way to Talk To California Unemployment Offices

Got a questions about your California unemployment benefits? Wondering where your EDD Debit Card is? Well normally i'd tell you to call the California EDD at their phone number, or logon to the EDDCA website or show up at one of the many offices but now there is another way to get help from the California EDD. Check out ASK EDD at which is a new website with the function of taking in questions from those receiving unemployment benefits in California and providing answers to common questions. First thing you'll see is a dropdown list of categories. Choose for example unemployment insurance, next choose a sub-category and topic to narrow down your question. Finally you'll be presented with a list of common questions, for example by choosing EDD Debit Card I found a question "Where Is My Card?" and chose that and found a great article on how to check status on your debit card and what to do if you've not received the card. This is but one example of how Ask EDD can act as a great communication tool to engage with the state. That is why the site is also called EDDCOMM as it is a great communications tool put out by the great state of California.