Monday, August 22, 2011

Minnesota Politicians Taking Deferred Compensation From Unemployment During Shutdown

Remember the Minnesota Government Shutdown? Yes the shutdown that caused thousands of Minnesota employees to go on unemployment benefits and use their UIMN Benefits to support their families? Well you may remember many politicians saying they wouldn't draw a salary while they had the government shut down. It's commonly believed that the legislature and governor were simply not doing their jobs by failing to agree to a budget thus shutting down the state. Well the following legislators who previously deferred their income, now want the state to pay up.
Anderson, Paul
Atkins, Joe
Crawford, Roger
Dittrich, Denise
Drazkowski, Steve
Garofalo, Pat
Grieling, Mindy
Johnson, Sheldon
Kahn, Phyllis
Laine, Carolyn
Loon, Jenifer
Morrow, Terry
Mullery, Joe
Norton, Kim
Scott, Peggy
Slocum, Linda
Swedzinski, Chris

The rationale is that since Minnesota workers received unemployment benefits they should receive some portion of their income for the time when the government was shut down? As the unemployment debit cards are used to pay for groceries our politicians can't even stick to political stunts they tried during a crisis. What do you think about that?