Monday, September 05, 2011

Expanded Leave A Better Alternative To Unemployment

Expanded Leave—This concept is little infamous when compared with the other concepts discussed above. In this alternate work arrangement the employees are eligible to take long leaves from work under the labels of sabbatical leave, medical leave, leave for community service or education leave. This saves the company money, resulting in fewer layoff notices and a much improved Illinois unemployment rate. With more workers taking voluntary leaves who are not eligible for unemployment the company saves money and the unemployment system in Illinois receives a much needed break. The company reserves the rights to decide on paying the employees during the leave period and generally they are not eligible for unemployment benefits.
Some of the benefits of the alternate work arrangements is that the companies can also think of reducing the infrastructure cost per employee. They can also reduce the costs on expanding or relocation of the facilities if the employees are telecommuting. Overall Alternate worker arrangement is catching up.