Monday, September 05, 2011

What are the health benefits of a Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress?

Before the Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress was sold to consumers, it was originally manufactured by the Swedish medical firm Tempur for hospitals and nursing homes, mainly because of its ability to:
§ Provide relief from pressure points. The shoulders, neck and back carry the weight of the body the whole day. Ideally, you should be able to relax during the night - but a traditional mattress may force you to hold an unnatural position. The Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress absorbs the weight, so you can literally “let go”, and rest.
§ Protect against bedsores. Moisture and friction from prolonged bed rest can lead to painful rashes and sores. The Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress is designed to minimize moisture, while the natural contour lessens the friction from shifting from one uncomfortable position to another.
§ Support the neck, back, shoulders and legs. As the Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress adjusts to the contours of the body, it helps alleviate muscle discomfort and fatigue - ideal for those suffering from arthritis and chronic pain.
§ Promote the most natural sleeping position. Most people toss and turn because they’re unable to find a comfortable spot. The Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress automatically adjusts to the position you find most comfortable, letting you sleep deeper, and longer. Clinical studies show that the Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress cuts tossing and turning by 80%.