Thursday, May 29, 2008

Solar Apple Iphone

At work we've had issues with employees buying the new Apple iPhone and wanting to integrate it into our corporate e-mail system. It's not that the iPhone can't do corporate e-mail, it's that we use Goodlink for our mobile email infrastructure. Goodlink last I checked didn't have a client for the Apple iPhone so we end up with employees using two cell phones. Now that Apple has applied for a patent for a solar iPhone I anticipate demand for the Apple iPhone increasing if solar technology is applied to the iPhone. Hopefully in the mean time Goodlink will develop a client for the solar iPhone by the time it finally rolls out. Of course a patent application doesn't mean the solar iPhone will ever be sold to the public, it may not be anythig beyond a drawing at this stage. Reportedly the solar panel will live behind the touch screen making charging the solar iPhone easy and not cumbersome. Here's to the future.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saw Dr Carney Today

I went to the Crystal location of Advancements In Dermatology today and saw Dr Carney. He's a very popular well known Dermatologist in the Minneapolis area. Sure enough I have a few spots that are Basal Cell Carcinoma. He took samples and will send them in but it's likley they'll need to be removed. Turns out this runs in my family and I didn't even know it. I had a bit of trouble finding the Advancements In Dermatology Crystal location but after some back and forth I found the office next to the grocery store on 36th Ave in Crystal MN. Hopefully with the treatment and future extensive use of SPF 55 i'll avoid new cancers that will need to be removed by Advancements In Dermatology.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elk River Library

The new Elk River Library is fantastic. It's funny watching everyone look at books because everyone seems to have a cup of coffee in their hand. That's because a local company called Mochas To Go has a small coffee station near the doorway. Folks seem to just show up, get their moca java blah blah blah and then peruse the books. There is lots of room for everyone at the Elk River Library, the kids even have small cubbyhole rooms to read books in etc. There are lots of stations for accessing the internet though you need to enter the number from your library card to logon. The library in Elk River even offers free wifi internet access. I don't know if you need to use a library card for that however.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Houlihans In Minnesota

Speaking of restaurants. Have you been to a Houlihans? In Minnesota there are four Houlihans locations. Each is in my opinion the perfect restaurant. The theme of Houlihans is british I believe, lots of rich colored woodwork. Houlihans provides an excellent layout for all diners. There's always a room for the bar, you can sit in booths, tables or on a stool at the bar. This room is a bit loud but the folks sitting there don't mind. For diners, you can eat in the main dining room in a booth or table. The dining room at any Minnesota Houlihans Restaurant can accomodate small or larger groups. Finally they have one or two private dining rooms for large groups or parties. The food at Houlihans is excellent ranging from appetizers and salads to full fine dining meals like their Cabernet Sirloin or Dublin Pot Roast. Both highly recommended by this author. I've never had a bad experience at a Houlihans so if your looking for a dining idea check them out. You can find Houlihans in Minnesota in Maple Grove, Richfield, Eagan and Chanhassen.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Progress On Sonic In Elk River

For anyone following the only Sonic in Minnesota the walls are up at the Elk River Sonic. So far the Burger Time has been razed and concrete block walls are up. Looking at the building you wouldn't yet know that it's a Sonic as it does not have that traditional look you'd expect. Once more construction on this Minnesota Sonic is completed it will have a nice modern look that you can likley expect to see in many other Sonic locations in Minnesota. Interesting that Elk River was chosen as the first Sonic restaurant for Minnesota. Perhaps it's that the old Burger Time was a block from 169 and cabin folk will likley stop for the novelty. It could be that for the same reasons that Elk River cannot get sit down restaurants to locate that fast food restaurants do quite well in Elk River. Whatever the reason, hopefully the Elk River Sonic will be successful we we can see more Sonic restaurants in Minnesota.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Burt Toyota Review

I was checkin out a Toyota Bulletin Board when I found a review of Burt Toyota in Englewood Colorado. The writer of the review had mixed feelings as Burt Toyota had the truck he wanted when no other Colorado Toyota Dealer did. However there were a few things about the Englewood Toyota Dealer he did not care for. From what I could tell, the writer was 100% satisfied with his new Toyota truck but the way it was received was less than optimal. Just seemed rushed with it not adequately prepped but he did have some positive comments about the staff at Burt Toyota. Mainly that the sales staff was friendly as you'd expect and he also had some particularly nice things to say about the Finance manager at Burt Toyota. hopefully they read reviews like that so they can improve their processes and be more successful.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Candice Posey Realtor Flip This House

I was watching Flip This House last night when I noticed a new member to the Atlanta team. Candice Posey working for Avenue Realty is selling homes from Foundations Investment Group lead by Peter Pasternack. Candice Posey seems like a sharp sales rep she easily sized up the flip and suggested a price to list the finished property at. Hopefully as Season 5 comes on board we'll see more of Candice Posey.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Is Link Services?

I've read on the internet about a company called Link Services which people find charges on their credit card for $9.15 or $9.10 No one seems to know what these charges are for and the voice mail that answers the number on the charge doesn't tell either. If you search for Link Services on Google you'll find many who have been charged and alot of these folks have come to the conclusion that the Link Services charge is possibly fraud so they've cancelled their credit cards. If you've received a charge from Link Services you should contact your credit card company immediately and have them investigate. Disputing the charge if you don't receive a call back from Link Services is strongly advised.