Thursday, May 29, 2008

Solar Apple Iphone

At work we've had issues with employees buying the new Apple iPhone and wanting to integrate it into our corporate e-mail system. It's not that the iPhone can't do corporate e-mail, it's that we use Goodlink for our mobile email infrastructure. Goodlink last I checked didn't have a client for the Apple iPhone so we end up with employees using two cell phones. Now that Apple has applied for a patent for a solar iPhone I anticipate demand for the Apple iPhone increasing if solar technology is applied to the iPhone. Hopefully in the mean time Goodlink will develop a client for the solar iPhone by the time it finally rolls out. Of course a patent application doesn't mean the solar iPhone will ever be sold to the public, it may not be anythig beyond a drawing at this stage. Reportedly the solar panel will live behind the touch screen making charging the solar iPhone easy and not cumbersome. Here's to the future.