Sunday, June 29, 2008

Always Update Your Links

If you run an internet business based on websites and in particular affiliate ads you need to stay ontop of your ads and links. I had some sites that likley lead to proper payday loan ad leads but failed to update the links so maybe I lost some revenue. My Coon Rapids Pawn America site went neglected for far too long also another link in Minneapolis to a Minnesota Pawn America page was also not up to date. I've now updated them to use the new affiliate links but I know i'm at least six months behind. Moral of the story. Always keep your links up to date, especially the way profitable links like those for payday loans and pawn loans.

New TLC Show Family Flip

Last night I saw a new great house flipping show called Family Flip. TLC pits two families against each other to flip a house and compete to see who gets the most profit. The families are in separate states and even have non-similar real estate to work with. I'm not sure if Family Flip is a one time show or a weekly series, it seems to be built off of the Flip That House like of real estate shows. I cought Family Flip at 10:00pm ct but my schedule shows it being shown many times this week both morning and in the evenings on the TLC channel.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Avoiding Eviction

I was reading the for rent section in the StarTribune today and in the Q&A section there is a tenant that believes the landlord may be out of business. Since no one showed up at the business downstairs the tenant had not yet paid the rent for the previous month. The writer of the article smartly pointed out that even if the landlord never asks for the rent the tenant should get the rent paid to avoid an eviction. I can see where the tenant doesn't believe they are withholding the rent since it was never picked up but if the lease states that the rent is due on the first an eviction can proceed even if the tenant has misunderstood. Smartly the writer advised the tenant that to avoid eviction they should read their lease for the information on where to send the rent and to do so by registered mail to ensure they have proof of the rent payment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy Craigslist Toyota Search

Say for example, you were searching for a Toyota car or truck in Denver Colorado. You could consult the newspaper, Car Soup or run all over looking at Denver Toyota Dealers for that perfect car. Another quick way to see what is out there is to check out Craigs List for folks selling their Toyota. I did an easy search to pull all the Toyota cars and trucks for sale in the Denver Colorado area on CraigsList. Just click to repeat my search. If you find this useful, just revisit and click the link to get an updated set of results for all the Toyota for sale in and near Denver Colorado. Sure beats checking the Denver Toyota dealers each day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Koons Ford Maryland

In Maryland one of the larger and very popular line of Ford dealers is the string of Koons Ford Dealers. You can find a Koons Ford dealer in College Park, Baltimore, and Annapolis Maryland. The selection of the latest Ford cars and truckst at Koons Ford are outstanding. As in any of their dealerships, you'll find the best in quality customer service. The staff at Koons Ford are highly trained and can assist in finding the perfect car or truck to match your budget and lifestyle. These fine Maryland Ford Dealers also offer special discounts to their shoppers. Because of their volume they can often beat their competition in price and service. If you need service or repair, feel confident bringing your Ford vehicle to any Koons Ford dealer in Maryland.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Restaurant Review Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter

My sister had her reception at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater Minnesota. The restaurant is a cool place, I could see visiting for a reception, fine dinner or just a beer after a nice bike ride. The parking lot is huge so there's room for everyone. Out back there is a nice tiered wood deck where you can dine casually outdoors. Out front is a nice social area that goes in to the lower level, perfect for wedding receptions. The German beer offered at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter makes for a great opportunity to taste various high quality German beers. Just note asking for a large isn't like Applebees, you'll get a massive mug I believe in Munich they call a mas. The food at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter is awesome. During the reception we had excellent chicken, flavorful beef and awesome potatoes, rice and vegitables. Out back you'll find a pen with a goat, chickens, ducks and a huge goose. All this combined makes visiting Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter a unique experience for everyone. You can find Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter at 8390 Lofton Ave N Stillwater MN 55082. You can reach Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter by phone at 651-439-7128.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

PayDay OK Payday Loans

I recently had a tennant that was short on the rent. I gave them an extra two weeks to pay but they just couldn't come up with the money. I didn't want to do it but I told them if they didn't have the full rent by the 15th i'd have to ask them to leave or they would be evicted. As it turns out the county has a crisis program that provided the last $500 of the rent that they needed to pay. But for the county they might have had some serious issues. I didn't mention it to them but another option for a short term loan would have been to check out PayDayOK.Com which provides a $500 dollar loan until the next payday. This can be a great way to get some emergency cash until payday. Basically PayDayOK offers online payday loans that can usually be funded in 24 hours. They recently changed thier name to PayDayOne but their level of service and easy to use website remain the same. There are some critics who would say that Payday Loans charge too much interest. I think they aren't considering the value that someone who needs $500 overnight or they are out of a house places on the ability get that fast cash. As in all things in life, that person has to be responsible and pay back the payday loan as soon as possible to incur the lowest possible cost.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ford Dealers

Long ago I started a blog about various Ford Dealers. I wanted folks to know what I thought of Ford dealers around the country and by visiting their websites I sure wasn't finding it. If you look at the websites of many Ford dealers you'll find fluff and not alot of critical information. Many times just to get past the coupons and flash movies to see the hours of operation you'll need to click many times past the ads. In my opinion these Ford Dealers just don't get the web and throw up whatever website is done for them. My Ford dealer websites give just the core information, a short review and address and phone number info and many times hours of operation. In my opinion, if Ford dealers just offered the basics they'd draw plenty of customers who otherwise may turn off their browsers for other websites.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ford Employee Discount On Again!

My favorite time of the year, Ford Employee Pricing time. For the past few years Ford has offered a once per year sale called the Ford Employee Discount sale. What is this? Well simply you and I can shop for that Ford car or truck and pay the same price that employees pay. Hence the name Ford Employee Discount. Now this year the sale ends June 30, but in previous years Ford has extended the sale into the next couple months but this year it's anyones guess. If you've been thinking of getting maybe a smaller car or maybe your one of the few who want a new SUV you won't get a better price than what you'll find at your Ford dealer during the Ford Employee Discount sale.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Great Movie The Slasher

If you ever wanted to see some inside scoop on the way a car dealer works, check out the movie called The Slasher. This is a great documentation about a guy named Michael Bennett who is known in the car dealer industry as "The Slasher", he is flown in and has obnoxious sales commercials on the radio and TV with a chainsaw adversiting sales where he slashes prices. In this documenatary they follow the slasher as he prepares for a sale at a Toyota dealer in Memphis. The staff at the Toyota dealer seem to just turn over the Toyota dealership and inventory to the slasher as he preps and then sells the cars. They get folks in to the dealship advertising the $88 car one of which is sold each day of the sale. I've heard of these promotions and it was really cool to see how they work in the real world. Very good movie i'd highly recommend watching it.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Best Saint Paul Lunch Spot

Looking for a great place to eat lunch in Saint Paul Minnesota? Check out Nelsons Cheese & Deli on the corner of Snelling and Como just under 280. I'm a huge fan of all their sandwiches but especially love the daily specials. If you visit Nelsons Cheese & Deli alot you can take advantage of their sandwich card. Like Subway get a stamp each time you buy a sandwich and when the card is full your next sandwich is free. Nelsons also has a great selection of cold salads and hard to find chocolate, cheese and crackers. If you want ice cream Nelsons Cheese & Deli has you covered there.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Stapp Toyota Frederick

Stapp Toyota in Frederick Colorado considers themselves to be a no-nonsense Toyota dealer. They are a leading Colorado Toyota Dealer selling the Prius and Highlander Toyota vehicles. Toyota vehicles are the best value in the automotive world at this time and Stapp Toyota is the place to shop if your in the Denver Colorado area. To find Stapp Toyota just take Hwy 87 or 25 to Grant and look for Miller Drive which should take you to Raspberry Drive and that is where Stapp Toyota has located their dealership. You can't miss this Frederick Toyota dealer as the building is huge and very modern. As far as Denver Toyota Dealers go Stapp Toyota is among the most impressive.