Sunday, June 15, 2008

Restaurant Review Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter

My sister had her reception at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater Minnesota. The restaurant is a cool place, I could see visiting for a reception, fine dinner or just a beer after a nice bike ride. The parking lot is huge so there's room for everyone. Out back there is a nice tiered wood deck where you can dine casually outdoors. Out front is a nice social area that goes in to the lower level, perfect for wedding receptions. The German beer offered at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter makes for a great opportunity to taste various high quality German beers. Just note asking for a large isn't like Applebees, you'll get a massive mug I believe in Munich they call a mas. The food at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter is awesome. During the reception we had excellent chicken, flavorful beef and awesome potatoes, rice and vegitables. Out back you'll find a pen with a goat, chickens, ducks and a huge goose. All this combined makes visiting Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter a unique experience for everyone. You can find Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter at 8390 Lofton Ave N Stillwater MN 55082. You can reach Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter by phone at 651-439-7128.