Saturday, June 14, 2008

PayDay OK Payday Loans

I recently had a tennant that was short on the rent. I gave them an extra two weeks to pay but they just couldn't come up with the money. I didn't want to do it but I told them if they didn't have the full rent by the 15th i'd have to ask them to leave or they would be evicted. As it turns out the county has a crisis program that provided the last $500 of the rent that they needed to pay. But for the county they might have had some serious issues. I didn't mention it to them but another option for a short term loan would have been to check out PayDayOK.Com which provides a $500 dollar loan until the next payday. This can be a great way to get some emergency cash until payday. Basically PayDayOK offers online payday loans that can usually be funded in 24 hours. They recently changed thier name to PayDayOne but their level of service and easy to use website remain the same. There are some critics who would say that Payday Loans charge too much interest. I think they aren't considering the value that someone who needs $500 overnight or they are out of a house places on the ability get that fast cash. As in all things in life, that person has to be responsible and pay back the payday loan as soon as possible to incur the lowest possible cost.