Friday, June 06, 2008

Great Movie The Slasher

If you ever wanted to see some inside scoop on the way a car dealer works, check out the movie called The Slasher. This is a great documentation about a guy named Michael Bennett who is known in the car dealer industry as "The Slasher", he is flown in and has obnoxious sales commercials on the radio and TV with a chainsaw adversiting sales where he slashes prices. In this documenatary they follow the slasher as he prepares for a sale at a Toyota dealer in Memphis. The staff at the Toyota dealer seem to just turn over the Toyota dealership and inventory to the slasher as he preps and then sells the cars. They get folks in to the dealship advertising the $88 car one of which is sold each day of the sale. I've heard of these promotions and it was really cool to see how they work in the real world. Very good movie i'd highly recommend watching it.