Saturday, June 28, 2008

Avoiding Eviction

I was reading the for rent section in the StarTribune today and in the Q&A section there is a tenant that believes the landlord may be out of business. Since no one showed up at the business downstairs the tenant had not yet paid the rent for the previous month. The writer of the article smartly pointed out that even if the landlord never asks for the rent the tenant should get the rent paid to avoid an eviction. I can see where the tenant doesn't believe they are withholding the rent since it was never picked up but if the lease states that the rent is due on the first an eviction can proceed even if the tenant has misunderstood. Smartly the writer advised the tenant that to avoid eviction they should read their lease for the information on where to send the rent and to do so by registered mail to ensure they have proof of the rent payment.