Sunday, April 29, 2007

Godaddy Dedicated Virtual Hosting

I'm considering a move so I needed to get my websites moved out of the house. This way I can focus on moving and not on whether I can get DSL etc. I got a Windows dedicated virtual server at Godaddy for about $30 per month. I have no idea if I sized it right or not. It took about two weeks to get it functional but after several reprovisions and finally getting them to put the i386 folder on the drive i'm on my way. Now I just need to watch the bandwidth and see if I sized it right. I have about 200 sites to move and so far i've moved three. One is about Armondo Montelongo from the TV show Flip This House. Another is a starter site about crime in the city of Minneapolis. Another is about a new bar started by Miami Ink called Love Hate. I hope to really start rolling sites to the new server this week and then will know if this was a good idea or not. I'm glad I have the luxury of keeping the server in house until I know for sure this worked or not. Oh yea, I also move my site about Rosie Odonnell but since she's off the show it may have lost it's usefulness.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Tremor Brothers

One of my recent favorite movies is called Smokin Aces which is a great mob drama about several hitmen / hitwomen trying to get the same guy all at once. One team is called the Tremor Brothers and they are a hoot. These three guys are like a WWE gone wrong. Overall the characters in Smokin Aces are just OK but the Tremor Brothers make this a movie that people will watch over and over again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slow Outlook 2007 Address Lookup

I've been using Outlook 2007 since July. One thing i've struggled with is the slow lookup of addresses from the global address book in Outlook 2007. When i'd hit the new button and type three last names i'd have to sit back and wait for 30-60 seconds while Outlook 2007 looked up my recipients. The cure to this slow performance in Outlook 2007 seems to be replacing the Outlook Nickname Cache file which ends in .NK2 and forcing Outlook 2007 to create a new native nickname cache. We only saw slow performance when we upgraded Officed 2003 uses to Office 2007. So we renamed the NK2 file and then opened Outlook 2007 and let it create a brand new nickname cache. The *.NK2 file is located in c:\documents and settings\username\application data\microsoft\outlook

You will have to set your PC to show hidden files to see the *.NK2 files.

Close Outlook
Click the Start button.
Click Search
Click For Files And Folders
Click All Files And Folders

Click on More Advanced Options

Ensure that “Search Hidden Files and Folders” is checked.

Search for *.nk2 (See right picture)
Right click and choose Rename. Rename to the file to end with .bak
Then open Outlook and resend your e-mail.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Remove Dell Search Assistant

My Dell Latitude D610 sometimes goes to a Dell Search Assistant page when I do searches. Oddly it seems to like to do this when I type in my IE browser. Instead of going to Yahoo.Com I go to the Goole / Dell Search Assistant with paid search ads on it. In doing some research I discovered that a program called Google AFE was installed in my add/remove programs. It can also be called the Browser Address Error Redirector. Other tips to try are open your IE Browser. Click Tools, Click Options, Click the Programs Tab. Click on Manage Add-Ons then disable an add on called CBrowserHelperObject also called BAE.dll.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cannot Run Citrix Applications From Mac OS X

A Mac OS X user was trying to use our Citrix Secure Gateway to remotely access Citrix applications. She could logon and see the icons but after clicking any icon she received the error.

A local security certificate could not be loaded (error code 7)

She was using Firefox. She solved this by using Safari as her browser when trying to access our Citrix Secure Gateway environment.