Sunday, April 29, 2007

Godaddy Dedicated Virtual Hosting

I'm considering a move so I needed to get my websites moved out of the house. This way I can focus on moving and not on whether I can get DSL etc. I got a Windows dedicated virtual server at Godaddy for about $30 per month. I have no idea if I sized it right or not. It took about two weeks to get it functional but after several reprovisions and finally getting them to put the i386 folder on the drive i'm on my way. Now I just need to watch the bandwidth and see if I sized it right. I have about 200 sites to move and so far i've moved three. One is about Armondo Montelongo from the TV show Flip This House. Another is a starter site about crime in the city of Minneapolis. Another is about a new bar started by Miami Ink called Love Hate. I hope to really start rolling sites to the new server this week and then will know if this was a good idea or not. I'm glad I have the luxury of keeping the server in house until I know for sure this worked or not. Oh yea, I also move my site about Rosie Odonnell but since she's off the show it may have lost it's usefulness.