Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unemployment Credit Card

Sometimes technology really changes the way life goes on. Remember waiting for a paycheck or unemployment check to come in the mail? In 2008 all that changed when many states stopped sending checks and offered residents only two options for ways to receive their unemployment benefits. Today you can either receive unemployment benefits by direct deposit or on an unemployment credit card which is actually a unemployment debit card that you can use to spend your unemployment benefits that are put on the debit card by your state. This is cost effective and very convenient to the recipient of unemployment benefits. In todays green economy another benefit of using electronic payments is that paper is not wasted, trees are not killed to generate the millions of unemployment payments which are now paid via direct deposit or unemployment credit card payments. Of course technology comes with issues of its own. While using an unemployment credit card is convenient for the user and state it comes with its own problem and questions and need for help by the consumer. The unemployment credit card is managed by Chase and called MyAccount the phone number for the unemployment credit card is (866) 352-5878 in case you need assistance.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Are Banks Open On Presidents Day 2011?

If you have business to conduct, money to deposit or withdraw, you may be wondering are banks open on presidents day? On the third Monday of February which in 2011 is February 21 banks are closed for the Presidents day and Washington's Birthday holiday. This is a Federal Holiday so in addition to banks being closed you'll find that this is a post office holiday so you can't go to the bank and the US Stock Market is closed and the post office is closed. All government offices should be closed on Presidents Day which is partially why no banks are open on Presidents day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unemployment Benefits For Wisconsin Public Employees

The governor of Wisconsin recently introduced legislation that would eliminate collective bargaining by public employees and increase employee contributions to pension and health benefits. The goal of this effort was to prevent the layoff of thousands of Wisconsin public employees. The employees however are not having it. Instead it seems they are bent on joining the ranks of Wisconsin Unemployment benefit recipients. I say this because if they are successful in their protests and a compromise is struck, then thousands of public employees like teachers will find themselves unemployed as the state closes a hole in the budget that can only be fixed by cutting costs. I find it ironic that the employees stand in solidarity but the outcome if they are successful is that many of their own will lose their job entirely and end up on unemployment benefits. If they all agree to sacrafice a small amount then all will remain employed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favorite Place At The Sturgis Rally

My favorite place by far at The Sturgis Rally is The Full Throttle Saloon which is the worlds largest biker bar. Located just down Hwy 34 from Main St Sturgis you'll find this huge bar with nightly live music and great house bands. Add to that the burn out pits, great array of vendors and lots and lots of great people and you've got the best place to hang out and enjoy the Rally. One of the cool things about The Full Throttle is that you can drive your bike right up into the courtyard, park and watch the bands. If you are one of the brave ones maybe you'll do burnouts until your tire pops? For those staying at Glencoe Campground they can just walk across the street or take a shuttle back to the campground.

Arizona Unemployment Videos See How To Apply For AZ Benefits

Did you know that for those who are not familiar with how to apply for Arizona Unemployment Benefits you can watch a simple video that explains everything? The State of Arizona AZUI division has started putting videos out on YouTube to help citizens navigate the unemployment system. In addition to tips on how to contact Arizona Unemployment they also go into great detail on the exact information you will need to provide to apply for benefits. Publishing videos explaining the process is a great way to communicate with busy citizens or those who may not read well. I've posted an Arizona Unemployment video below so you can check out what you might find. Unemployment videos are published under the YouTube account called AZDESGOV

Monday, February 14, 2011

How Close To The Weekend Can You Get A Loan?

If you are hitting humpday which is Wednesday and needing fast cash you might be wondering how close you can cut it to the weekend and still get a payday loan? Can you get a payday loan on Thursday and still fund it Friday? Well yes you can but it's good to plan ahead and do not go further than Thursday. You may have serious trouble funding a loan on Saturday and certainly on Sunday. Paydayloans on Thursday are a piece of cake, just apply online, and pick up your cash on Friday then pay it back on your next payday to avoid the crazy interest rates.

Alabama Ford Dealers Online

Are you looking for Alabama Ford Dealers? If you are searching for the best Alabama Ford Dealer you can easily find them online. Many Alabama Ford Dealerships have professional websites that you can use to view their new and pre-owned vehicle inventory. The sites offer information about Alabama Dealer Services too. You can schedule appointments for repair or vehicle maintenance, find out about financing options, and use comparison tools to directly compare the vehicles that dealers offer.

When you are preparing to buy a new or used car in the state of Alabama you can do some research on Alabama Ford Dealers before you ever step foot onto any dealer’s lot. You can learn more about Internet specials, weekly specials, rebates, incentives, and more. By comparing a list of Alabama Ford Dealerships from your home, you can reduce the amount of time you spend traveling to different dealer lots and you can locate the perfect Alabama Ford Dealership for your needs.

Make your search for affordable, fuel efficient and practical vehicles easy. Use online access to find the leading dealers in your area. You can value your trade in before you visit the dealer, discover different payment options, and ready yourself when it comes time to negotiate for the vehicle you desire.

Will The Loss Of Interchange Fees Cause Americans To Be Unbanked?

Remember that free checking account? Well it may become a thing of the past as thousands of Americans join the ranks of the unbanked. Why? Well banks used to offer these free checking accounts because they could charge an interchange fee to retailers who take debit cards. Customers using this convenience could draw from their free checking account and they never knew they were causing the retailer to pay a fee to the bank. Now congress has limited these fees and banks are looking to make up for this loss of revenue. Instead of charging the retailer they now will charge monthly fees doing away with free checking accounts. The impact is that those with small amounts in their checking accounts will not stand for a $5 or $10 monthly charge and will thus close their account and become one of the many unbanked who use unbank loans such as payday loans and carry only cash and pre-paid debit cards. Who will benefit from this new population of unbanked consumers? Likley places like Unbank and Payday America who offer check cashing services and small loans to those without bank accounts.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pie-Fection Gives Free Pizza For Florida Unemployed

Tuesday local Florida pizza business Pie-Fection gave out free pizza to the unemployed persons of central Flordia. Giving back to those on Florida unemployment is an excellent service to the community.
"We're in a position now to give back to the community and that's what we like to do," said co-owner Jon Diaz.

With unemployment in the state of Florida hovering around 12% it is great to see Florida business persons who are employed reaching out and giving others a helping hand even if it is for one day. If every Florida business was as socially conscious as Pie-Faction the state would be in a much better position.