Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Adwords Advertising Using Heparin As A Keyword

So i've seen a ton of these commercials and advertisements regarding Heparin lawsuits due to deaths from Chinese Heparin contaminated in China. Much like the other drug lawsuits this Heparin lawsuit has a ton of lawyers taking out TV commercials trolling for victims and thus clients. I tried to make a webpage with some information regarding the Chinese Heparin lawsuits and then drive some traffic to it via Google Adwords but it was not meant to be. Because Heparin is a drug it seem you must have some sort of pharmacy ID in order to have the word Heparin in your Adwords ad. You also cannot bid on any drug or pharmacy related keywords even if you are not promoting the drug Heparin. I'm not sure how the other advertisers got around this. Perhaps they just apply for an exemption. I had thought something like this might happen so I was sure not to spend too much time and no money on the project and i'm glad I did not.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2011 USPS Holidays

Yesterday I was checking out Google Trends and noticed alot of people asking about USPS Holidays and United States Postal Service Holidays. I guess with yesterday being Good Friday folks were not sure if mail would be delivered. I was curious and found a website with all the 2011 USPS Holidays and good Friday and Saturday 4/11 were not on it. Sure enough the mail arrived as epected. The next USPS holiday scheduled is May 25 which is Memorial day, I suspect on that day the searches for USPS Holidays and USPS Holiday will increase as well. It's fun to see what gaps in information exist and these show trends which are opportunities for the right people who can fill these voids.

Payday Loans For The Unemployed

Did you know that those on unemployment can still get payday loans? Yesterday I was performaning some analysis of searches and keywords and noticed an unfilled niche. There are people on unemployment benefits who still may want to obtain an online payday loan to tie them over until they receive their unemployment benefits or unemployment check. I was curious to see if this was even possible so I called PaydayOne a provider of online payday loans. They incidated that you can certainly get an unemployment payday loan as long as you can provide proof that your benefits were approved. In a nutshell to apply for a payday loan it doesn't matter whether you are on SSI, unemployment, Disability or just have a standard job. If you can provide proof that you have any sort of income you will be eligible for a payday loan from many online payday loan websites. Of course anyone who would apply for a payday loan when on unemployment should be disciplined enought to pay that loan off immediately upon receiving their unemployment check. To be behind on a payday loan when you do not have a job is not a place you want to be.