Saturday, April 11, 2009

Payday Loans For The Unemployed

Did you know that those on unemployment can still get payday loans? Yesterday I was performaning some analysis of searches and keywords and noticed an unfilled niche. There are people on unemployment benefits who still may want to obtain an online payday loan to tie them over until they receive their unemployment benefits or unemployment check. I was curious to see if this was even possible so I called PaydayOne a provider of online payday loans. They incidated that you can certainly get an unemployment payday loan as long as you can provide proof that your benefits were approved. In a nutshell to apply for a payday loan it doesn't matter whether you are on SSI, unemployment, Disability or just have a standard job. If you can provide proof that you have any sort of income you will be eligible for a payday loan from many online payday loan websites. Of course anyone who would apply for a payday loan when on unemployment should be disciplined enought to pay that loan off immediately upon receiving their unemployment check. To be behind on a payday loan when you do not have a job is not a place you want to be.