Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unemployment Eligibility For Texas Citizens

Texas is one of the largest states in the US and keeps on par with most states in terms of unemployment. Being home to the boom and bust oil industry as well as being a target for natural disaters Texas has always had its share of unemployment claims. Add to those items the current recession and there are a lot of Texans seeking unemployment benefits. To be eligible for unemployment in Texas you must be prepared to provide a valid social security number, name address and phone number of your previous employer and be able to demonstrate your wage information. This information is used to calculate your unemployment benefits. When receiving unemployment be prepared to track and report all of your work hours on a weekly basis. Work too many hours and you could find your unemployment benefit reduced or eliminated. In Texas you can submit an application for unemployment by phone or do so online or just walk into a Texas unemployment office where you can obtain assistance by a real human. Unemployment benefits are merely a safety net for you to use while seeking other employment. They key is to follow all the rules to maintain your eligibility for these benefits.