Saturday, January 31, 2009

Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Review

So if you are a steak lover but can't find the good stuff locally your probably considering the mail order option like Omaha Steaks. Even normal Omaha Steaks aren't good enough for me so when they came out with their Private Reserve line of steaks my ears perked up. Of course I was skeptical but after my only local butcher shop selling USDA Prime closed I was jonesing for a good steak. I ordered 4 Private Reserve Ribeye steaks and 4 Private Reserve top sirloin steaks. It took about a week to receive which was a bit longer than I had expected. Looking at the Private Reserve steaks I could see the difference in the marbleing vs what I get locally, I wanted to frame it as art. I froze most of it but left a ribeye and top sirloin in the refridgerator. Two days later I go to get my Private Reserve steaks and i'm disappointed to find blood or juice all over my meat drawer, both the ribeye and top sirloin plastic had leaked all over my refridgerator. That aside I cooked the steaks on my grill and i'm pleased to report these are deffinetly great steaks. I don't know if i'd bother buyint top sirloin Private Reserve but the ribeye was awesome. Tender, flavorful and had that melt in your mouth effect of high quality beef. I've not tried the Omaha Steaks Private Reserve filet mignon porterhouse or T-Bone but the Ribeye is deffinetly worth the extra money you'll pay for home delivery of Omaha Steaks Private Reserve steaks.