Thursday, January 15, 2009

AOL PPOE DSL Router Configuration

If you have AOL DSL you might have figured out that configuring a router to work with AOL DSL is not as easy as it should be. Even if you have a router that supports PPOE and you've selected that your AOL DSL still may not work. That is because the configuration of the router to wor with AOL is tricky and you need much more information than the router tells you. But I just got this to work on my DSL router so i'll tell you exactly what you need to configure.
1: Set your WAN port or B port to ADSL and choose the PPOE option.
2: Enter the master AOL screenname as the userid. Note you must enter is with after the username like this (This trips up alot of folks because when logging on using the AOL software you just enter a screen name without the
3: Enter your AOL password and this will allow your internet router to logon to the AOL PPOE on your behalf.
4: Save the configuration and reboot the router and see if you can get on the internet.
5: If it still does not work look for an option on your router to set the MTU and MRU setting. Most routers use 1500 for this but AOL PPOE uses 1450 lowering this setting on your router to 1450 may cause your router to begin working with AOL PPOE DSL.