Saturday, January 03, 2009

How To Load A Stanley Staple Gun

Wondering how to load a Stanly staple gun or stapler? Loading a staple gun is very easy but if you don't use your Stanley staple gun often, you may forget how to load your Stanley staple gun. So for those who've forgot, here is how to load a Stanley staple gun. First use your thumb to release the slide.

There is a black spring loaded button on the bottom rear of the Staple gun. Release the button and pull the slide back. Next turn the Stanley Stape Gun upside down so you are looking into the channel where the stables are stored.

Put in your row of staples so the staples are upside down. The flat top of the staples should rest flat in the channel with the sharp point pointing up. Finally slide the slide closed and again use your thumb to lock the slide back in place. You've now successfully loaded a Stanley staple gun.