Thursday, January 01, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets Still Available

With just three days to go until the Minnesota Vikings play the Philadelpha Eagles in the playoff game there are plenty of Minnesota Vikings Tickets available. I have been watching Ticketmaster and two days ago you could get tickets on the 30 yard line easily for $160 each. I've been hemming and hawing about whether to buy tickets with the recession and all but it looks like the playoff game may be blacked out. I checked Ticketmaster today and picked up two tickets in section 133 right on the 50 yard line. With great tickets like that still available I don't see how this playoff game will not be blacked out. Oddly Ticketmaster first produced two tickets on the 50 yard line in row 20. I got timed out calling a buddy to see if he wanted to go. I tried again and got 40 yard line tickets but searched again and got section 133 again just a few rows down. I picked up those Minnesota Vikings Tickets and am excited for a great Sunday of Minnesota Vikings Football.