Monday, December 29, 2008

Garbage Disposal Humming Hums

Does your garbage disposal hum but not work? Perhaps your garbage disposal is humming but won't work? My Insinkerator did just that. I don't remember putting anything in my garbage disposal that would jam it but when your garbage disposal is humming or hums but doesn't do anything it may be jammed. So how do you get your garbage disposal working again? First of all if your garbage disposal hums pull the plug. Continuing to run the garbage disposal will cause it to smoke and will eventually break it for good. If your garbage disposal hums unplug it and get yourself an allen wrench. Insinkerator brand garbage disposals come with a double sided allen wrench. Look on the bottom of the garbage disposal for a hole that will match the allen wrench. Insert your allen wrench and give it a crank. Hopefully you'll be able to crank it a bit in both directions to free up whatever is caught. If it cranks easily then remove the allen wrench and plug in the garbage dispoal. It may now run properly without the hum. If so then try something through it, I recommend a piece of bread. KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT.