Sunday, January 11, 2009

Evaluating Video Rental Options In Today's Economy

Since i've started noticing the effects of the recession we're in i've been eyeing every dollar going out with a very critical eye. Entertainment tends to be one of those areas that consumers scrutinize with a harsh eye. Myself, i've pared pack on premium channels and i've started re-evaluating how I use other services like renting videos at the store and using online video rental services like Netflix. So in the direction of saving money on video rentals i've decided to examine my current spending and possibly make some changes in how much I spend and on which video rental company I spend my money with. I found a great review of BlockBuster Video that caused me to re-examine my use of Netflix. Blockbuster gives additional options I do not have with Netflix. Two glaring additions would become available to me if I switch to Blockbuster. One is that I can rent both games and DVD movies, with Netflix I only get movies. Additionally with Blockbuster I would have the option of driving to the store to exchange for a new film if I want, where Netflix makes me wait without that option. Regardless of what I decide, I think the entertainment area is a great part of the budget to begin examining which companies get your hard earned dollars during these tough economic times.