Monday, January 26, 2009

Aplus.Net Review My Domain Name Provider

For about five years i've been a customer of Aplus.Net most as a registrar and holder of my domains. I have over 300 domains registered with Aplus.Net. While I like Aplus.Net alot for some things, for other things i'll choose another company like GoDaddy. I think the key to finding a good hosting or domain registrar is finding out what they do well and what they do ok then play to their strengths. Aplus.Net also does various forms of web hosting. They do monthly Linux and Windows hosting as well as Virtual Private Servers and dedicated web hosting. Aplus as a web host is in par as good as any of the other good hosting providers out there. Again I refernce Godaddy as I found a better price there but feel that Aplus.Net is just as good a hosting provider so just see which place you can strike a better deal at. What I do use Aplus.Net mostly for is registring domains. I like the easy search interface when i'm entering domains as ideas. The ordering is also easy as I have a credit card on file at Aplus.Net and when i'm not near my credit card I find it convenient to be able to snatch up a domain when I have a good idea. Godaddy always seems to want my card to be entered or to use paypal and I find that most inconvenient. Both Aplus.Net and Godaddy have great domain management interfaces making managing 300+ domains very easy. I find that generally when I register a domain with Aplus.Net I can begin using it within a couple hours. There have been times however when i've changed nameservers and they didn't update and I get to get with Aplus.Net support to resolve the issue. I've also had times when i've tried to register a domain, Aplus.Net says its available but after a day or so i'm told it wasn't. This is a case when I use Godaddy. If a name is going to be competetive use Godaddy as they seem to be faster or have a higher priority in terms of getting domains registered fast. If however your registering a domain not likley to be snatched up quick then Aplus.Net will do just fine. So this is my review of Aplus.Net i'd have to say i'm generally happy to write a good review of this web hosting provider but do know that there are a few instances where using someone else like Godaddy might be a better option.