Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Submit A Unemployment Application

This year many will have to consider something they thought they'd never have to know about. Submitting a unemployment application to receive your weekly unemployment benefit is a concept not common a few years back but now with unemployment rates over 10% many Americans will be submitting a unemployment application in 2009. Generally to submit your unemployment application you will use your state's unemployment website or a automated phone system run by your state unemployment office. Some states do better than others and others actually still make applicants print and mail or bring in an application for unemployment benefits to their local unemployment office. If you live in a large state like California your options for submitting an unemployment application are many and documentation on the unemployment benefit process is provided in many languages by the CA EDD office and website. So if you are unemployed or if your job seems unstable start researching your state's process for submitting an unemployment application today.