Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sore Back In The Morning? Try A Chiropractor.

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore upper or lower back? You may find relief by seeking out a Chiropractor. There are many reasons for back pain but doing nothing will not help improve your situation. What a Chiropractor will do is provide treatment methods such as spinal adjustment and electric stimulation that causes muscles to relax their tension that is keeping your back tense. Most cities offer a wide array of Chiropractors who are all ready to help you get that back in shape. Usually you don't see immediate results so plan to make 5-6 visits in your treatment plan. Depending on what is the root cause of your back problem you may need to make more visits sometimes a couple per week but you will surely see some improvement and get a better night sleep.

NYS Unemployment Holds 8.3%

While surprisingly lower than the national average unemployment rate of 10%. The New York Unemployment rate still hovers around 8.3% making life uncomfortable for those in New York receiving unemployment benefits which may expire leaving folks helpless. For additional details on any pending expiration of New York Unemployment benefits you can consult the NYS Unemployment Website where you can apply for benefits and check the status of any New York unemployment claim. Anyone receiving benefits must submit a weekly claim often called claiming your weeks. The NY unemployment website makes this process much easier than phoning in your claim week after week. So check out the site, become familiar with what is offered and you'll find the time you spend receiving benefits much easier to manage.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Will The Volt And Leaf Render The Toyota Prius Dead?

Remember when the Toyota Prius was all the rage? Time and technology change so much and to me the Toyota Prius is so two years ago. Nowdays the cars everyone wants to own to increase their green score is the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt. Why have a hybrid when you can have an electric car that uses no gas or hardly any gas at all. Toyota dealerships have reported slowing sales of the Toyota Prius and it is hardley a surprise to anyone who watches the news related to new green cars coming out on the market. How long until Toyota announces an all electric car of their own? Toyota dealers can hardly wait to start signing up customers on long waiting lists with prices set at or above full MSRP.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looking For A Discount Theater In Maple Grove?

In Maple Grove Minnesota there are two movie theaters. If you are looking for a Maple Grove discount theater check out the Maple Grove Cinema theater which offers 10 screens with some of the best movies available. Best of all Maple Grove Cinema is cheap cheap cheap with tickets $3.00 or less. When I go see a movie I often have dinner before the film and Maple Grove Cinema 10 is convenient to Champs and a great Mexican restaurant called El Rodeo. Long ago Maple Grove Cinema was the newest most modern theater around but like many other movie theaters technology has passed it by but thanks to the discount niche it is a thriving Maple Grove movie theater.

What Is AZUI?

If you ever see the term AZUI you may wonder what that is? Well AZUI stands for Arizona Unemployment Insurance and is most commonly used to reference the Arizona unemployment website called AZUI.Com. Like most other states in the USA Arizona maintains an excellent websit related to unemployment benefits paid to residents. At AZUI residents can apply for Arizona unemployment benefits, determine their eligibility and file weekly unemployment claims. Applicants can even check the status of their claim and file a dispute if an employer fights the unemployment claim. Of course residents can contact the AZUI call center by phone or visit an unemployment office in person but with great online resources why bother? Having a great website like AZUI also saves Arizona millions per year in staffing costs providing a more cost effective and efficient experience to both the state and residents.

Ohio Unemployment Benefits Online

If I was unemployed in Ohio back in 1995 I would have a much harder time receiving benefits. Today anyone on Ohio Unemployment Benefits has a much easier time applying for unemployment and claiming their weekly benefit. This is because the entire system in Ohio is online at making performing any task or look or filing any claim easy and convenient. Sure you can still visit an Ohio unemployment office in person or call the Ohio unemployment phone number but why? Not only is using the online system easy and convenient for Ohio residents but the State of Ohio saves a ton of money by processing unemployment claims online. This requires fewer state workers which is sure to please taxpayers in budget strapped states like Ohio.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What does an air exchanger cost?

These days homeowners have two main concerns when it comes to the HVAC systems in their home. They are concerned about air quality and also about mold and humidity. Today's homes are sealed up very tight so it is critical to get a frequent exchange of air to prevent mold within the ceiling and walls and to prevent germs from remaining in the sale air of a sealed home that does not exchange air. But how much does an air exchanger cost? How much money can you expect to pay for an air exchanger? When planning to add one of these units to your home the air exchanger cost should be assumed to be between $2000 and $3000 depending on the size of your home. There are other costs that could cause the price to increase such as higher labor costs, high permit fees etc. However what is the cost to not having an air exchanger? Mold remediation can cost $10,000 or more so if you have a modern house with house wrap under the siding be sure to install an air exchange to keep fresh air in and stale air pushed out.

Switching To An Air Bed

Long ago I worked at a company called Select Comfort a maker of air beds that you use as your normal mattress. These were high end items costing $600 - $2000. What made these air beds unique is that they could be adjusted so that each side of air bed had its own level of firmness or softness. This is great for couples where each likes their own side to have its unique setting for how firm or soft it is. The air beds were sold in classic and pillow top models with the pillow top models making the high end of the range. We sold these at first through direct mail and then roadshows and finally Select Comfort set up a network of retail stores. Eventually Select Comfort became The Sleep Number store and I was no longer working there. Nowdays as i've gotten older i've considered switching to an air bed to see if it gives me as much comfort as the customers I used to sell them to.

Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears Playoff's On 1/23/2011

Ok the big playoff game is tomorrow 1/23/2011 between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. Do you have your Aaron Rodgers Jersey? Is Aaron Rodgers the next Brett Farvre? Regardless of the outcome of the game one of the hottest football jerseys of 2010 is the Aaron Rodgers jersey due to the high performance Aaron has shown in the 2010 and 2011 season. Of course Chicago is no slouch either so the Green Bay Packers will need to keep that ball headed to the endzone and the defense will need to keep the Bears at bay to move the Packers closer to the Superbowl.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Gold The Next Bubble?

I've been doing alot of research on buying gold and silver and based on what i'm seeing i'm wondering if the gold bubble might not be the next thing. Everyone is talking about gold and to a lesser extent silver. Gold has taken more and more of investors portfolios but lately we're seeing some cracks in the portfolio armor that gold used to provide. Gold has twice recently crossed $1400 per ounce but traced back to the mid or low $1300's. As interest rates rise, deficiets decrease and hopefully the money supply reins in we could see gold losing some of its luster as an investment. For this reason i'm going to look closer at silver which has more industrial applications and is used up when consumed vs gold which can be stored and melted down and has no industrial use beyond computing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

City Of Robbinsdale MN

Located between the cities of Minneapolis and Crystal Robbinsdale Minnesota is home to a very busy hospital and a pass through city bringing traffic from Hwy 100 to Hwy 94 passing through North Minneapolis. West Broadway runs the length of Robbinsdale as the main commercial avenue. The Robbinsdale School District serves over 11,000 students. North Memorial Hospital is a huge employer in Robbinsdale MN with many of its own employees making up the population in Robbinsdale. Because of it's close proximity to North Minneapolis, Robbinsdale has higher crime then suburbs further out but still is far enough to allow residents to maintain a high quality of life. One of the more entertaining summer things to do is attend Whiz Bang Days where you can play games and see fireworks. Robbinsdale is home to many high quality businesses like Bills Gun Shop and a great meat market located just above West Broadway.

Review Of Hilton Garden Inn Englewood CO 80112

In January 2011 I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Englewood Colorado for five days where I worked for a Colorado Ford dealer. I travel about once per month on business so having a hotel room that makes me comfortable is important. I am also frugle and and don't believe in wasting company money so I look for hotels that provide the things I need to be comfortable and they must be fairly priced. The Englewood Hilton Garden Inn Hotel met both of those needs. The room was about $99.00 per night had a basic setup bed, bathroom, TV Coffee Maker and a fridge which is a nice bonus. High speed wireless internet was free and worked fairly well. The TV was not a flat screen but I don't watch TV much anyway so for me this was not a factor. The bed was comfortable however the pillows were too soft so I had to pile them up. Housekeeping did a great job keeping the room clean and re-stocking my coffee packets. They also restocked the shampoo and lotion and soap which was nice as well. The pantry and fridge are what would keep me coming back to the Hilton Garden Inn chain if they all have this. It was very convenient to be able to grab a snack, drink or even a beer without sitting at the bar. This is something I usually don't see in business hotels. I had breakfast one morning which was ok but nothing i'm going to brag about, however the service was good. Overall I would recommend the Hilton Garden Inn if you are staying in Englewood Colorado. The Hilton Garden Inn address is 9290 South Meridian Boulevard Englewood, CO 80112 the Hilton Garden Inn Englewod CO phone number is (303) 824-1550

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Illinois Budget Deficit May Mean More Unemployment

With Illinois Unemployment already running high the state is working to fix a 13 billion budget deficit that could lead to even more unemployment. With a huge deficit the state must add financial cuts to the mix of solutions and this likely means the laying off of thousands of Illinois State employees. State workers from police and fire to Illinois Tollway employees could be affected as the legislators in Illinois try and plug the budget hole. Illinois has joined California as the two states with the worst credit rating on wall street. This means to prevent further financial deterioriation and ability to borrow Illinois must get the budget fixed through a mix of tax and fee hikes and drastic budget cuts that will cause the states already high unemployment rate to jump. Of course the addition of revenue generators like state run casinos could offset some unemployment caused by budget cut but how much is to early to guess.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Interesting Article On Minnesota Unemployment

Today while surfing an article at the University Of Minnesota on Minnesota Unemployment I found it quite interesting to note how much higher the unemployment rate in Minnesota is vs the neighbors to the west North Dakota and South Dakota. Minnesota is almost three points higher but has a better "quality of life" as people keep saying. Could it be that the high taxes in Minnesota drive up the unemployment rate vs the lower tax states with their 3 and 4 percent unemployment?

Will Herbergers Fill A Spot In Southdale Mall?

The rumor going around says Herbergers will setup an Edina store location in Southdale Mall which has had a vacancy since Mervyn's moved out. A leasing brocure supposedly lists a new retailer allegedly Herbergers filling the vacant anchor location in Southdale Mall in Edina MN. Southdale Mall opened in 1956 and much like many early Minnesota Malls it has fallen away in popularity to newer malls like The Mall Of America or outdoor malls like The Shoppes At Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove. Lets not forget all the new outlet malls like Albertville Mall so the addition of Herbergers to Southdale Mall will be the first step to reviving this old classic to it's prominent status.

Contacting The California Economic Development Department

Are you unemployed and having trouble with your unemployment claim or benefits? Maybe you are an employer with questions about paying your unemployment tax? You can contact the California Economic Development Department at the EDD Phone Number to reach them by phone for any number of reasons. For service in English call 1-866-333-4606 and just be patient as the California EDD is an extremely busy unit of government under a great demand. It's not uncommon for callers to any California government department to wait on hold 15, 30 and even 60 minutes sometimes. Sometimes you are better off just using the EDD Website which provides a wealth of information about California Unemployment Benefits and no waiting. Even for employers the California EDD website is a better bet than siting on hold on the EDD phone number.