Saturday, January 22, 2011

Switching To An Air Bed

Long ago I worked at a company called Select Comfort a maker of air beds that you use as your normal mattress. These were high end items costing $600 - $2000. What made these air beds unique is that they could be adjusted so that each side of air bed had its own level of firmness or softness. This is great for couples where each likes their own side to have its unique setting for how firm or soft it is. The air beds were sold in classic and pillow top models with the pillow top models making the high end of the range. We sold these at first through direct mail and then roadshows and finally Select Comfort set up a network of retail stores. Eventually Select Comfort became The Sleep Number store and I was no longer working there. Nowdays as i've gotten older i've considered switching to an air bed to see if it gives me as much comfort as the customers I used to sell them to.